Tap Roundup 9/15

Pint Points The new Tap Trail map hits streets today! Got grab it and enjoy the new additions of Melvin Brewing and Illuminati Brewing. Fall & Winter Tap Trail Map Illuminati Brewing officially opened today! Head there and try their new beers! Checkout our new Tapped In Podcast! Boundary [...]

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Tap Roundup – 8/11

Pint Points Washington Collaboration Fest is on August 19th. A handful of Bellingham breweries are brewing up delicious goodness for it. Check the list here. Wander Brewing is releasing Yummy Bits on 8/15, next week, in cans and on draft. Double Dry Hopped IPA, brewed with Citra Hops and Peaches. Aslan [...]

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Tap Roundup – 7/21

Pint Points Get ready for the Recreation Northwest and Fairhaven Stones Throw Popup bar in Fairhaven today! Schweinhaus is hosting a Ballast Point tap takeover tonight. Seattle's new Floodland Brewing sold out their Bottle Club Signup in under 60min. Read more about them here. There's a new Food Truck coming to the [...]

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Tap Roundup – 7/14

Pint Points Next week Wander Brewing is releasing a collaboration with Redhook Brewing called Numbers before Names Belgian IPA. Brewed with a bunch of experimental hops. Redhook is celebrating its opening of the Capital Hill brewery in Seattle by collaborating with some of the region's breweries. They have also done a [...]

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Fairhaven Behind the Bus pop-up Beer Garden with Recreation Northwest, Stones Throw and Outbound

  BELLINGHAM, WA (July 6, 2017) – The weekend of July 21st – 23rd Recreation Northwest, Stones Throw Brewery and Outbound are partnering to host a pop-up beer garden to support the Fairhaven Park Trail and Wetland Boardwalk project. The event will be hosted in the recently renovated garden “Behind the [...]

Fairhaven Behind the Bus pop-up Beer Garden with Recreation Northwest, Stones Throw and Outbound2018-10-18T13:21:26-07:00

Tap Roundup – 7/7

Pint Points Boundary Bay Brewery released a very limited release bottle, as part of their Bootlegger series called Ekstatik Nostratik. It's brewed with locally harvested rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries. Than aged for two years in barrels. Only 25 cases were brewed. In case you didn't know, Tap Trail runs Bellingham Beer [...]

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Bellingham brings home most medals in city’s history from Washington Beer Awards

  Day'yum Bellingham! Every year Bellingham brings it at the Washingon Beer Awards. We continue to show that we have one of the highest concentrations of award winning beer in the region. As impressive is that we do it across broad style categories. From lagers, to sours, to barrel aged, porters, [...]

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Tap Roundup – 6/16

Our email list is the first to hear about new local brewery openings, breaking news, exclusive gear deals & general craft greatness. Infrequent and always full of beer. Sign up here. Pint Points Wander Brewing is working on a spelt saison in one of it's foeders. Today, Wander Brewing releases a cask of [...]

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Big Boots Brew Day: Stones Throw Brewery and Women in Beer

  Led with the help of Janelle Pritchard, Stones Throw Brewery is raising money for the Pink Boots Society and hosting a "Big Boots Brew Day." A team of women in the local craft beer industry have collaborated on a beer recipe and will be brewed at Stones Throw Brewery on [...]

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Fairhaven Stones Throw – SMaSH Cascade

  Welcome to Bellingham Brewed Reviews, where we review ONLY beers brewed in Bellingham. Opinions held here are not necessarily those of Tap Trail. This new brew from Fairhaven’s Stones Throw Brewery features a Single Malt and Single Hop, (thus the name SMaSH) in this case a Skagit Valley grown and [...]

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Stones Throw Ski to Sea Block Party

  Fairhaven Stones Throw Brewing burst onto the Bellingham brewery scene officially on April 5th of this year. They've quickly become a Fairhaven darling for their unique brewhouse design, friendly service and owners and beers inspired by adventure and local locations. After throwing their Grand Opening party they are ready to [...]

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Fairhaven Stones Throw Brewing Now Open & Video Tour

  Well Bellingham, you're all grows up. You're officially 10. Stones Throw Brewing Company officially opened its doors last weekend, giving Bellingham 10 breweries to choose from. When will the insanity stop?! Hopefully, never. That's one brewery for every 8,000 people. That means we've surpassed Seattle for breweries per capita. 1) [...]

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Stones Throw and Structures Brewing Still Moving Towards Opening

It seems Stones Throw Brewing and Structures Brewing are running neck and neck for who will be Bellingham's next brewery. They'll both be adding some incredible brewing and aesthetic diversity to the Tap Trail. Stones Throw will also be adding Fairhaven's first brewery, just blocks away from Archer Ale House. Jack and [...]

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Stones Throw Brewery Adding to Fairhaven Community

Front facade of brewery It’s no secret Bellingham is becoming a bigger and better hub for craft beer. With so many new breweries popping up in the next year or so, it’s important to bring something new to table. What Stones Throw Brewery is offering is a completely new [...]

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Fairhaven’s Stones Throw Releases Architectural Plans

Fairhaven Stones Throw has been making some exciting progress. We got an exclusive walk through last week when the new shipping containers were dropped into place with a 90 ton crane. This brewery is going to be quite unique. More unique than anything I've seen. The brew house will be built [...]

Fairhaven’s Stones Throw Releases Architectural Plans2018-10-18T13:28:52-07:00

Sneak Peek at Fairhaven Stones Throw Brewery

Jack and Tony at Fairhaven Stones Throw are on their way to opening Bellingham's newest brewery. They recently gave us all a look at the their new brew house. There is still much to be done, but we do know the fermenters and brewing facility will start going in very soon! When Fairhaven [...]

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Interview with Bellingham’s Stones Throw Brewery

Jack Pflueger is owner of Stones Throw Brewing, one of Belligham's soon to be breweries.  I wanted to learn what they're up to, so I dropped him some questions. Tony (brewer) and Jack from Stones Throw are great guys and we should be happy to have them in the community. Check [...]

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