5 things every beer lover should know about Oktoberfest

  Chances are good you know at least something about Oktoberfest. Even the most buzzed among us would be able to deduce that it’s some sort of German party, and of course everyone knows that its mascot is someone raising a liter-sized stein of lager, wearing either a dirndl dress or [...]


Melvin Brewing’s IPA named 8th best IPA by Draft Mag

  Melvin Brewing has landed in Bellingham. They aren't brewing here yet and won't until this fall, when their brewing system shows up. That being said, they are in our community, thankfully, and their world class beers are served up just down the street from many of your houses. Their IPAs [...]


Homebrewers Association announces top brewery in every state

  2017 Best Breweries & Beer By State State Top Brewery Top Beer Alabama  Yellowhammer Brewery  Rebellion (Yellowhammer Brewery), Shadwocaster Porter (Folklore Brewing & Meadery, LLC)* Alaska  Alaskan Brewing Co.  A Deal with the Devil (Anchorage Brewing Co.), Alaskan Smoked Porter & Alaskan Amber (Alaskan Brewing Co.)* Arizona  Prescott Brewing Co. Achocolypse [...]


New report shows Bellingham has more breweries per capita than Seattle and Portland

  Yeah, things are slowing down in craft beer. But keep in mind that is saying something for one of the hottest growing business sectors in the US. 2016 saw a tapering off in in growth and, by some measurements, a regression. But there's still over 5,200 breweries in the United [...]


Elizabeth Station’s Top 2017 Hopes and Predictions

  The owner of Elizabeth Station, Patrick McEvoy, one of the region's premiere bottle shops spent the last few weeks putting together their "Top 2017 Hopes and Predictions". We wanted to compile them here for you. Tell us what you think! #11: Founders Brewing Co. This prediction is easy. 6pks just arrived [...]


Washington Skunked in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Best in Beer 2016

  Note: The Magazine's Editors did give Fremont Brewing a head nod. Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine released its first ever Reader's Choice and Editor's picks for beers and breweries. And the readers didn't give a single win to one of Washington's 300+ breweries made a single list. Kinda surprising, but with over [...]


Chuckanut Pilsner voted one of the best 101 beers in America

So many accolades for Bellingham breweries lately and this is another one. Men's Journal drops the occasional craft beer article and I've actually been impressed by the breadth of their suggestions and choices in these lists. They certainly put their time in. The article goes into each and every state and [...]


The Winner of Bellingham’s Best Beer of 2015 is…

The competition was tough. The votes were many & the craft beer love was deep. The whole Tap Trail could feel the love with each vote cast. Crowning Bellingham's best beer is a fitting way to round out 2015. With the recent opening of Bellingham's newest brewery, Structures Brewing, it's nice [...]


The Finalists of Bellingham’s Best Beer of 2015

  Bellingham has exercised it's constitutional right and voted! Our exit pollsters were working overtime and the feedback was, "Bellingham's love of Tap Trail beers runs DEEP!" The competition was so high that we had to expand the finals to the Top 3 Beers. There was a back and forth that would make [...]


What was Bellingham’s Best Beer of 2015?

  It's fair to say that Bellingham was dominated by craft beer in 2015. It was Bellingham's Year of Beer. So many breweries were announced that we all looked up and wondered if this was actually happening. We made innumerable top lists, which showcased just how incredible Bellingham's craft beer scene is. Tourists from [...]


Beer stops to make before or after your mountain adventures

Nothing beats a good beer after an adventurous day of hiking, boating, skiing, biking or whatever you like to do in the mountains. Just remember to bring enough growlers, bottles or cans of beer for your campsite, RV or hotel. Regardless of which route you take into the Cascades, from Mount [...]


Bellingham’s Best BeerTender SemiFinalists

Bellingham you nominated many beertenders in our qualifying round from all over the Tap Trail (strangely, some from places not even on the Tap Trail.) After sniffing out some ballot stuffing, the following six sud slingers made it into the semifinals of the 1st Annual Bellingham’s Best BeerTender competition. Below, you can read [...]


Bellingham Makes USA Today’s Top 10 West Coast Beer Destination List

We're snobby. We're discerning. We have amazing beer culture. Now we're considered one of the best in the West. Kendall Jones, who runs Washington Beer Blog, Bellingham wrote the list for USA Today. The list included such venerated beer meccas as Portland, Seattle, Bend, Santa Rosa and San Diego. What amazing company [...]


Bellingham Ranked as Snobbiest Beer City in US

Bellingham has some world class breweries. There are more breweries being built here than, arguably, any city in Washington State. Soon we'll have double the breweries per capita of Seattle, WA. The options available to us are quite impressive and this doesn't even include the amazing diverse selection that's about to be available to [...]


27 Beer Myths

There are so many opinions about what makes craft beer good and why. Craft beer is hot and it creates some strong opinions (just take a look at the discussions on our new online forum!) There some facts and objectives truths and a bunch of subjective tastes. It's always important to anchor yourself in [...]


Zymurgy Magazine Names Russian River Brewing Co. Best Brewery in America

Russian River Brewing company is most well known for it's Pliny the Elder release - A double IPA that attracts hordes of people every year to the brewery. Zymurgy Magazine is the publication of the American Homebrewers Association. Zymurgy Magazine ranked named the brewery #1 in America. They also named Pliny as the #1 beer for the [...]


Tasting and Ranking The Top 11 American Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse is a very popular style this year along with Gose and the every present IPA. A Berliner Weisse is a white cloudy beer usually around 3% ABV that has a distinct taste of lactic acid, often making it taste sour. Aslan Brewing Company brewed up Disco Lemonade, their version [...]


Vancouver BC 4th Most Craft Beer Drinkers in Canada

Canada has craft beer brewing chops. Just look towards the highly touted Four Winds Brewing, right across the border and the numerable internationally recognized breweries in and around Vancouver BC. Vancouver will have upwards of 25 breweries in the coming months with more on the way. But for all their amazing beers Vancouver [...]

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