Artivem Mead Co. finds a home in Bellingham

In Summer of 2020, Artivem Mead Co. will open their meadery / tap room featuring meads, ciders, and pyments and will definitely be a welcome addition to the bustling new business activity at The Granary building in Bellingham. We had the chance to sit down with brewer Carlos Bassetti along [...]

Artivem Mead Co. finds a home in Bellingham2020-02-19T15:58:40-08:00

Tap Roundup 11/22

Pint Points Boundary Bay will be open from 11 am to 4 pm on Thanksgiving! Feel like a beer and dinner but wanna keep things low key? Join them in their taproom and bistro for football, beer and friends. Join Aslan TONIGHT for an Absinthe Films snowboard movie at the [...]

Tap Roundup 11/222020-01-13T12:59:49-08:00

Tap Roundup 11/8

Pint Points Join Stemma Brewing for a Whatcom Creek restoration party on November 17 from 10 am to 1 pm! Space is limited to 20 volunteers and there will be celebratory beers from 1-4 at Stemma after as well as an awesome raffle. Thanks for doing your part for the environment, [...]

Tap Roundup 11/82019-11-08T12:00:55-08:00

Tap Roundup 10/11

Pint Points Aslan is hosting their Oktoberfest at the Depot location this Saturday at 1 pm! Don't miss out on beers from some of your German favorites. There will be real steins available at the door, too. Prost! Boundary Bay hosts Pumpkin Fest this Sunday in the Mountain Room! They'll have [...]

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Tap Roundup 9/13

Pint Points Don't miss Chuckanut's Oktoberfest tomorrow! Who better to celebrate Festbier season with than the creators of some of the world's finest lagers? The event is from 1-10 pm and throughout the afternoon/evening, there are contests like yodeling, stein holding and Hamerschlagen. Mark your calendars for another Oktoberfest at GRUFF [...]

Tap Roundup 9/132019-09-13T15:08:15-07:00

Tap Roundup 7/25

Pint Points Mark your calendars for August 4th as Boundary Bay and Gruff come together for Adult Swim: Neighborhood Summer Block Party! There will be beer-a-flowin' and water balloons a-flyin. Make sure you check it out! Tonight! Gruff is featuring some special food for y'all, check out Krewe Catering and satisfy [...]

Tap Roundup 7/252019-07-26T09:04:47-07:00

Tap Roundup 6/28

Pint Points Bellingham Cider Company is doing the 4th of July in style this year! If you want a table with a special menu, amazing few of the fireworks, and even better cider, make sure you call and make your reservation today. Welcome to Bellingham, Stemma Brewing! Their grand opening is [...]

Tap Roundup 6/282019-06-28T12:31:16-07:00

Tap Roundup 6/14

Pint Points Join Boundary Bay this afternoon/evening for their Citra Vibes Summer Beer Release Party! There will be kiddie pools, sprayers, beach balls & of course, Citra Weisse on draft. This is the perfect event for this muggy and hot weather we've had all week! Happy 1st Birthday to Lost Giants [...]

Tap Roundup 6/142019-06-14T20:31:43-07:00

Tap Roundup 6/7

Pint Points Save the date for Lost Giants Cider's 1st birthday! There will be special ciders, games, raffles, food trucks and music in celebration of their first rotation around the sun. It's all on June 15th from 12-9 pm! On Friday, June 21, Aslan Depot hosts a Bright Night Market, featuring [...]

Tap Roundup 6/72019-06-07T15:00:51-07:00

Tap Roundup 5/31

Pint Points Happy 5th Birthday to Aslan Brewing! Thank you for making some delicious beer over the years and being an overall great contribution to our community. Make sure you don't miss their celebration this weekend this Saturday, June 1 from noon to midnight. There will be five beer releases, live [...]

Tap Roundup 5/312019-05-31T17:02:34-07:00

Tap Roundup 5/24

Pint Points Atwood Ales will begin hosting brewery tours the first Saturday of each month throughout the summer starting June 1st! Head to their website to sign up for a day at their beautiful farm. Mark your calendars for Movie Mondays at Aslan Depot! Once a month the Depot will show [...]

Tap Roundup 5/242019-05-25T00:10:35-07:00

Building a Brewery: Stemma Brewing to open within a month

We've been following Stemma Brewing for just under a year as they make their dreams of a family-owned and operated local brewery come true. As they've passed milestones like finally finding a location, ending the long wait for their licensing to go through in the midst of a government shutdown & [...]

Building a Brewery: Stemma Brewing to open within a month2019-05-24T18:36:26-07:00

Tap Roundup 4/12

Pint Points April 19-27th is Bellingham Beer Week! This is our favorite week of the year! You can find details on the Tap Trail website and keep your eyes out for a Beer Week Event Roundup next week. Your favorite local spots to grab a pint have a lot of special [...]

Tap Roundup 4/122019-04-12T12:32:47-07:00

Tap Roundup 3/22

Pint Points Stones Throw is looking for volunteers for their third anniversary block party coming up on March 30! These are always so much fun, so if you're interested in volunteering, check out their Instagram for details! We are officially less than a month away from Bellingham Beer Week! It's the [...]

Tap Roundup 3/222019-03-22T14:24:36-07:00

Tap Roundup 3/1

Pint Points As we enter March, mark your calendars for the Atwood Ales beer pairing dinner at The Vault in Blaine, WA. This 5 course, 5 beer event is on March 31 from 5-8 PM. Tickets are $55 and reservations are required. Don't miss the Depot Comedy Club this Sunday at [...]

Tap Roundup 3/12019-03-01T12:51:26-08:00

Tap Roundup 2/1

Pint Points Boundary Bay has your Super Bowl Sunday needs covered with their famous, rich and perfectly cheesy pans of mac n' cheese for $35. Get it delivered to your door or pick it up! You may as well throw a couple six packs in there too. It'll be like your [...]

Tap Roundup 2/12019-02-01T12:17:58-08:00

Tap Roundup 1/25

Pint Points This Saturday, January 26, the Aslan Depot turns 1! And they're throwing a heck of a party for it. There will be a bottle pour station where they'll feature bottles from deep within their cellar, vertical tastings and even a new release. Doors open at 12 pm, Ovn Wood [...]

Tap Roundup 1/252019-01-26T13:47:39-08:00

Tap Roundup 1/17

Pint Points Next Thursday, January 24th, @ciaothyme and Aslan are teaming up to host an extra special beer dinner event in the @ciaothymecommons. The dinner will feature select beers from Aslan's barrel program to pair with a 5-course winter dinner. Additionally, Head Brewer Frank Trosset will discuss the beer pairings and [...]

Tap Roundup 1/172019-01-18T15:29:30-08:00

Tap Roundup 11/2

Pint Points This Saturday, Elizabeth Station hosts a Specialty Coffee Beer event from 8 am to 8 pm! Coffee collaborations with Twin Sisters, Menace, Structures, Mirage (Seattle) and North Fork will be available as flight specials or individually. Come see how delicious ES counterpart Primer Coffee pairs with beer! Mark your [...]

Tap Roundup 11/22018-11-02T14:05:40-07:00

On naming beers

With all the challenges of opening a brewery these days, coming up with names for beers is usually low on a brewer’s priority list. If anything, it may be viewed as one of the “fun” tasks. But it shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it’s an important part of a brewery’s brand. [...]

On naming beers2018-10-18T13:21:03-07:00

Tap Roundup 2/9

Pint Points Bellingham's newest brewery in the works, Twin Sisters Brewing Company, is doing three preliminary releases, all collaborations with local brewers. They've already started their brew with Aslan, but be on the look out for future beers with Chuckanut and Menace. Bellingham Cider Company opens today @ 5pm! Be sure [...]

Tap Roundup 2/92018-10-18T13:21:13-07:00

Tap Roundup 9/29

Pint Points Illuminati Brewing Company started their new baguette sandwich service out of their brewery. Now, not only can you find a variety of cheeses that pair well with both beer and wine, but enjoy a sandwich and a pint for this week's football games. Boundary Bay released a date for [...]

Tap Roundup 9/292018-10-18T13:21:22-07:00

Tap Roundup 9/22

Pint Points Perfectly timed with Seafeast, Atwood Ales will have their Dark Tide Oyster Stout and Tide Flats Oyster Gose available this weekend at the farmer’s market. Check out the article about Atwood Ales in the newest issue of Bellingham Alive! Kulshan is hosting Oktoberfest on Saturday, September 23 at K2. [...]

Tap Roundup 9/222018-10-18T13:21:22-07:00

Cholaca, world’s first and only liquid cacao, is a game changer for beer, coffee, cocktails

I love chocolate porters, stouts, and brown ales, but most of the commercial examples I have had lack the chocolate depth I desire, and many seem to get their chocolaty flavor more from dark malts than actual chocolate additions. I get it, though. As a homebrewer, I understand how challenging it [...]

Cholaca, world’s first and only liquid cacao, is a game changer for beer, coffee, cocktails2018-10-18T13:21:34-07:00

Chuckanut Brewery’s South Nut Officially Open

  Well, most of you have known for a while, but it's not official until the press release. Chuckanut Brewery, has officially opened it's second brewing facility in Skagit County. We reported on this back in November of 2015 when they had just broken ground. The new brewery is open at 11937 Higgins [...]

Chuckanut Brewery’s South Nut Officially Open2018-10-18T13:21:54-07:00

Beer Review #50 — Two Beers Fresh Hop IPA (2016)

Welcome again to another Tap Trail review installment. It would appear imminent that Fresh Hop Season is upon us. The hops are being harvested and dumped into brews left and right. However, the first package on the scene this year comes from Two Beers. They are usually the first to the [...]

Beer Review #50 — Two Beers Fresh Hop IPA (2016)2016-08-31T10:26:26-07:00

Tap Roundup – 7/20

  Pint Points Schweinhaus Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary Party. There's going to be dunk tanks, limited edition beers and an Anniversary beer brewed by Aslan! Aslan Brewing is pouring beers at the Mariner's Game on 8/1 Elizabeth Station's 4th Annual Sour Fest is on 7/24 Brewers by the Bay is this Sunday [...]

Tap Roundup – 7/202018-10-18T13:22:20-07:00

Help Bellingham win $5 million by drinking beer

  Not sure if you know this - and you should! - but Bellingham could win a whopping $5 million prize. All we have to do is save energy, something you should be doing anyway. Bellingham is one of 50 semi-finalists for the Georgetown University Energy Prize. The winner of the prize [...]

Help Bellingham win $5 million by drinking beer2018-10-18T13:22:21-07:00

Tap Roundup – 5/9

  Correction on 5/11 10:15am: Article corrected to reflect Boundary adding "strawberries" to their Oktoberfest Lager. Originally, the article stated it was "raspberries." Strawberries being added to Boundary's Oktoberfest Lager We would like to note that there has been no response by Melvin Brewing about our article regarding speculation they [...]

Tap Roundup – 5/92018-10-18T13:22:42-07:00

Homebrewer Crafts Bellingham’s First Pro-Am Beer

UPDATE: Jenn Tadder is the canning lead at Kulshan Brewing as of March, 2016.   When Jenn Tadder started homebrewing, she never imagined it could be anything more than a hobby. A year and half later, Jenn is now a medaled homebrewer, collaborating with owner and head brewer of Aslan Brewing [...]

Homebrewer Crafts Bellingham’s First Pro-Am Beer2018-10-18T13:22:49-07:00

The Bellingham Craft Beer Guide to Girl Scout Cookies

It's Girl Scout cookie season, y'all. That wonderful time of the year where we silently (or not so silently) gawk at the incredibly rising price per box, give some adorable little scout all our money, and inhale a sleeve of cookies per night, completely ignoring that joke of a "two cookies [...]

The Bellingham Craft Beer Guide to Girl Scout Cookies2018-10-18T13:22:50-07:00

MillerCoors Sued for Not Producing Coors Light in the Rockies

  MillerCoors has been sued for not producing Coors Light in the Rockies. This sounds familiar. Remember when Blue Moon was sued for not being craft beer? Big Beer is starting to hear it from consumers. Whether you want to call these consumers clueless, or not is up to you, but [...]

MillerCoors Sued for Not Producing Coors Light in the Rockies2018-10-18T13:22:53-07:00

Pop Culture Pairing: 2016 Presidential Candidates

  *Opinions of the author do not necessarily represent the opinions of Tap Trail.* Hello Everyone, and welcome to another installment of Pop Culture Pairing, a Tap Trail series where we take our favorite pop culture characters and pair them with popular craft brews. Catch up with past articles on Star Wars, David [...]

Pop Culture Pairing: 2016 Presidential Candidates2018-10-18T13:22:59-07:00

A Love Letter to the Bellingham Craft Beer Community

It's been said before how unique the Bellingham beer community is. In Bellingham, instead of competition between breweries, you’ll find support and genuine companionship. I have seen no greater example than my experience with H2O’s Bellingham Brewer’s Night Tap Takeover and Karaoke in Anacortes.   It’s 5:30 pm on Thursday. You’re [...]

A Love Letter to the Bellingham Craft Beer Community2018-10-18T13:23:02-07:00

[Poll] What Should We Call “Craft Beer”?

The Brewers Association defines craft beer in the following way: Small Annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less (approximately 3 percent of U.S. annual sales). Beer production is attributed to the rules of alternating proprietorships. Independent Less than 25 percent of the craft brewery is owned or controlled [...]

[Poll] What Should We Call “Craft Beer”?2018-10-18T13:23:02-07:00

Bellingham Breweries Tell Us What’s in their Dream 6 Pack

  Beer says a lot about a person. Or so we'd like to think. Maybe beer is kind of like Bellingham's own astrological sign. "Oh, she's a stout person, uh?" "Your favorite beer is a Belgian wheat?!...hmmm..." Favorite beers represent not just one's palate, but their experiences and personality. Beers remind [...]

Bellingham Breweries Tell Us What’s in their Dream 6 Pack2018-10-18T13:23:05-07:00

The Relevance and Deterioration of “Craft”

If you’re currently reading this article, chances are you have heard the term “craft beer” tossed around more than once in your lifetime. But what does it truly mean for a beer to be considered “craft?” Can there really be a concrete definition? The Brewer’s Association defines an American craft brewer [...]

The Relevance and Deterioration of “Craft”2018-10-18T13:23:06-07:00
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