Cholaca, world’s first and only liquid cacao, is a game changer for beer, coffee, cocktails

I love chocolate porters, stouts, and brown ales, but most of the commercial examples I have had lack the chocolate depth I desire, and many seem to get their chocolaty flavor more from dark malts than actual chocolate additions. I get it, though. As a homebrewer, I understand how challenging it [...]

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Chuckanut Brewery’s South Nut Officially Open

  Well, most of you have known for a while, but it's not official until the press release. Chuckanut Brewery, has officially opened it's second brewing facility in Skagit County. We reported on this back in November of 2015 when they had just broken ground. The new brewery is open at 11937 Higgins [...]

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Beer Review #50 — Two Beers Fresh Hop IPA (2016)

Welcome again to another Tap Trail review installment. It would appear imminent that Fresh Hop Season is upon us. The hops are being harvested and dumped into brews left and right. However, the first package on the scene this year comes from Two Beers. They are usually the first to the [...]

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Tap Roundup – 7/20

  Pint Points Schweinhaus Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary Party. There's going to be dunk tanks, limited edition beers and an Anniversary beer brewed by Aslan! Aslan Brewing is pouring beers at the Mariner's Game on 8/1 Elizabeth Station's 4th Annual Sour Fest is on 7/24 Brewers by the Bay is this Sunday [...]

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Help Bellingham win $5 million by drinking beer

  Not sure if you know this - and you should! - but Bellingham could win a whopping $5 million prize. All we have to do is save energy, something you should be doing anyway. Bellingham is one of 50 semi-finalists for the Georgetown University Energy Prize. The winner of the prize [...]

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