The Portland Dilemma: Why an Excess in Breweries Does Not Equal a Craft Beer Community

The author's opinion does not necessarily reflect that of Tap Trail. In the world of craft beer, a question that always seems to pop up is, “How big is too big?” Whether we’re talking about a brewery’s production level or the number of breweries per city, there seems to be an [...]


Sierra Nevada Brewing starts Alpha Hop Society membership program

Similar to many other beer membership programs at breweries across America, Sierra Nevada Brewing has just invited people to join its 2016 Alpha Hop Society, which is a one-year membership that gets you 12 750-ml bottles of small-batch, barrel-aged beers, a t-shirt, a growler, access to vintage and other exclusive beers, and [...]


Rinsing beer glasses, and why it’s a good practice

In some beer bars and brewpubs, you might have seen a bartender flip a glass upside down and press it down on a water sprayer, just before dispensing beer into it. This isn't just for show, and it’s not a trendy gimmick. It actually serves many purposes. Quickly blasting the inside of [...]


Boundary Bay Brewery Unveils Plaque to Honor Owner Ed Bennett

      Me about to zip line Railroad Ave. Yesterday, Boundary Bay Brewery celebrated it's 20th Anniversary on Railroad Avenue. It was a huge celebration with a zip line, kids zone, multiple beer bars, marching band, circus acts and lots of food. The Boundary Crew on Stage [...]


Forget “Beer Snobs,” Bellingham is Simply Rich in Culture

Don’t call me a beer snob, I’m a beer enthusiast. I can’t tell you the science behind craft beer. My only rating system is “bad,” “good,” or “very good.” I don’t care about pouring the right kind of beer into the right kind of glass. I’m just someone who, like many [...]


World’s Smartest Computer says Florida Has Best Breweries

IBM's Watson computer is, arguably, one of the two smartest computers in the world. The computer is a super smart computer capable of answering most any question asked in plain language. It has access to 4 terabytes of information from all over the world's databases. It beat everybody at Jeopardy has [...]


Beer Review #7 — Lagunitas CitruSinensis

Greetings beer nuts, aficionados, prospectors, advocates, and purveyors. Summer is in full swing and it's somehow nearly July in the Pacific Northwest! This weeks offering comes from an often maligned and certainly polarizing brewery — Lagunitas. Some will be die-hard Lagunitas fans for life, while others will scoff at each new release, [...]


How & why to age beer

Most beers are meant to be enjoyed fresh. Some, however, actually improve with age, similar to some wines. Various ingredients help to preserve beer and/or enhance its flavor over time, including hops, malt, alcohol, yeast, bacteria (i.e., lactobacillus and pediococcus), smoked malts and lactic acid. Different beers – and even different vintages [...]


Evil Twin Brewing Accused of “Bullshit Price Point” in Epic Rant

Evil Twin Brewing consistently brews up some of the best beers around. Head brewer and owner Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø launched the brewery in 2010. Evil Twin is a "gypsy" brewery, so it has no home. Evil Twin brews all over the world and teams up with an array of breweries to create complex, dynamic and technical [...]


Vancouver BC 4th Most Craft Beer Drinkers in Canada

Canada has craft beer brewing chops. Just look towards the highly touted Four Winds Brewing, right across the border and the numerable internationally recognized breweries in and around Vancouver BC. Vancouver will have upwards of 25 breweries in the coming months with more on the way. But for all their amazing beers Vancouver [...]


Bellingham Breweries Win Big at North American Beer Awards

Bellingham breweries continue to delight the palates of everyone, from the casual drinker to the experts. Aslan Brewing Company, Boundary Bay Brewing, Chuckanut Brewery and Wander Brewing all won awards at the 2015 North American Beer Awards! Looks like Bellingham is the place to be for Dubbels. Boundary Bay took 1st in the category [...]


Study finds aluminum can the sustainable package of choice

Earlier this month, a report released by the Aluminum Association and the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) found the aluminum can to be the most recycled and highest value beverage container on the market today. Information from the May 2015 report, “The Aluminum Can Advantage: Key Sustainability Indicators 2015,” may seem biased [...]


BJCP releases updated beer style guidelines

The long-awaited updates for the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Style Guidelines have recently been released. The last update was 2008, and the new updates reflect the many changes in the beer world since then. There are now separate documents for Beer, Mead and Cider styles, which allows them to be [...]


Pedal Party Northwest Hits the Streets of Bellingham

Pedal Party Northwest ran their inaugural ride last Saturday. PPNW, is Bellingham's first multi-person bike. There are seats for 16 and 10 chairs to pedal from. The "bike" is steered separately and if you don't want to pedal you can sit in any of the non-pedaling chairs of the bench in [...]


Craft Beer Might Look Like Anheuser Busch in 5 Years

The Brewers Association announced that in the next 5 years they expect to see their current 11% market share in the $100 billion US beer market jump to 20%. But what will craft beer look like if that were to happen? Currently, The Brewers Assocation defines craft brewers like this Small [...]


How The Local Movement is Changing the Face of Craft Beer

The craft beer landscape is ever changing. Breweries evolve to meet the advancing tastes of their fans and they are always shifting with market forces. Local beers are what sell. There are over 3,500 breweries in the US and 2,000 in planning. Most of these sell below 15,000 barrels a year and [...]


Aslan Brewing Collaborates with Base Camp Brewing on “Night Riders” Imperial Steam Lager

Aslan Brewing Company and Base Camp Brewing Company recently collaborated on two separate beers, but one style. This "cascadian collaboration" was built around mutual interests, the great outdoors and their love of beers that don't follow traditional style guidelines. The first collaboration beer was brewed at Base Camp about 5 weeks ago, [...]


Aslan to Celebrate 100th Batch of Beer & Tap Triple IPA

Aslan Brewing will be celebrating it's 100 batch of beer next Monday 4/20, 5pm. In celebration they'll be tapping their MegaThrust Triple IPA. You'll have a chance to join in the festivities and meet the brewers and owners. From Aslan Brewing Celebration starts at 5pm. We will be tapping the Megathrust and [...]


Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo Begins in Portland

The Craft Brewers Conference runs from April 14th - April 17th in Portland, Oregon. This is no small affair, as you can see from this photos of last year's conference in Denver, Colorado. There will be over 15,000 attendees, 575 businesses, and 16o presenters. Portland last hosted the conference in 2001, [...]


Menace Brewing to Tap Bellingham’s LEAST Favorite Beer

In a recent poll, Bellingham Tap Trail asked readers what your least favorite beer was. In a surprising turn of events Bellingham answered "IPA". We understand that controversy surrounds these results and we'd like to take a moment to assure our loyal readers that every single Bellingham Tap Trail poll is structured [...]


Wander Barrel Project Release #1: Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale

Our friends over at Wander Brewing have released the first bottle from their highly anticipated Barrel Project. We reported on this a while ago and are happy to taste the fruits of Chad and Colleen's labor! Wander recently expanded to accommodate larger brewing equipment and their new barrel project. Wander Brewing is excited [...]


Mariner’s Offer The Best Craft Beer Selection at Safeco Field

The Major League Baseball season is upon us! Starting next week is the 162 game marathon baseball season that so many look forward to. Brats, bats and beers are waiting for you at your nearest MLB stadium. For craft beer lovers an MLB stadium can be the worst place to buy good [...]


7 of the Most Sustainable Breweries in America

These breweries brew awesome beer, but do it very sustainably. I'll get to the list, but I find it interesting that Fremont Brewing was not included. Don't get me wrong this list is great, but Fremont is REALLY sustainable. Learn more about them by reading our interview with the owner of Fremont Brewing! [...]



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