Sneak Peek at Kulshan Brewing’s New Tap Room Seating

Kulshan Brewing company's second brewery, K2, is opening up soon and we're all excited. Soon it will be the 5th largest brewery in Washington State. But it's massive capacity is balanced out by the craftsmanship of it's beer and the beautiful work from local artisans like Black Fin Design and Tricky Timbers. We brought you [...]


Where to Find Stouts on The Tap Trail for St. Patty’s Day

With St. Patrick's Day on March 17th, we want to give you a few stout beer options, other then Guinness, that are available on the Tap Trail.  We all know you'll be stopping by Uisce Irish Pub for a proper St. Patrick's Day celebration, but try these out as well. As Aaron [...]


Chuckanut Brewery Signs Climate Declaration

The folks at Chuckanut Brewery were among 24 breweries around the nation to sign the Brewery Climate Declaration. What exactly is that? When climate change disrupts the beer industry, it not only threatens our economy and jobs, it also threatens the future of great beer. By signing the Climate Declaration, these breweries [...]


Kulshan Brewing Takes Home Three Medals at Best of Craft Beer Awards

The winners of the Best of Craft Beer Awards were announced. Congratulations to Kulshan Brewing Company for winning three awards! One (1) Silver Medal - Red Cap Ale Two (2) Bronze Medals - Dude Man Wheat Ale and Transporter Porter Click the image to enlarge it and see the winners. We're [...]


Craft Beer’s Interactive Beer Styles Guide

Craft just launched a new website and they included a brand new Interactive Styles Guide. The website is run by the Brewer's Association. These are the folks who advocate for craft beer through legislation such as promoting the Small BREW Act, intended to lower taxes for small brewers. The styles [...]


Beer Geography 101

Bellingham Tap Trail loves infographics because...well, why wouldn't we? We recently covered Belgian Beer 101, so let's look at Beer Geography 101.  This awesome infographic from BrewDog tells you what each respective region's contribution to beer has been. Everywhere from Copenhagen to San Diego and, of course, Yakima Valley Hops. Once [...]


Full Sail to Vote on Investment Firm Merger

Full Sail Brewing of Hood River, OR has always been proudly independent. Read the labels: "47 Employee Owners." That might change if the current vote passes. Today votes are being tallied to determine if a the brewery will merge with a San Francisco based investment firm called Encore Consumer Capital. The investment firm [...]


Oskar Blues Brewery Looking to Buy Smaller Breweries

There has been quite an uproar in the craft beer world lately. It seems craft breweries are being bought up left and right by Big Beer lately. All this consolidation and fervor culminated in a Budweiser Super Bowl ad mocking the craft brewing industry. This led to responses from craft beer. Basically, there's [...]


Hill Farmstead Named World’s Best Brewery

Hill Farmstead Brewery of Vermont has been named the 2015 World's Best Brewery by Every year compiles various lists of beer excellence. Both regionally and internationally. Rate Beer is home to more than 100 master beer tasters and countless cicerones.  It is the most visited site for beer rankings [...]


Rainier Beer Returning to Seattle?

RAAAAAIIIII-NIIIEEEEEEEER BEEEEEEEEEER might be finding it's way back to Seattle, real soon. In 1999 Pabst Blue Ribbon bought our beloved Seattle brewery and moved production of it's regionally and nationally renowned lager to California. I always wanted one of those giant Rainier Bottle outfits. Last summer, Pabst Blue Ribbon was bought out [...]


Sierra Nevada’s Hop Hunter IPA unlike any other fresh hop beer

After hops are harvested in the fall, typically from August through September, they generally take one of two paths. Most of them are immediately dried in a kiln, and then the whole cones are compressed into bales or processed into pellets or hop extract. The remaining small amount is immediately sent [...]


Portland Home Brewers to Make Beer from Treated Sewage Water

12 Portland breweries will be partaking in a competition put on by county authorities to brew beer with treated sewage water. The competition is intended to showcase the various ways you can use recycled water with the intent of stirring discussion about long term water needs. From the article. "Is there another [...]


Bellingham’s Breweries and Food Trucks Support Each Other

Bellingham is rich with breweries and tap houses. We also have a growing food truck scene. My unofficial count is somewhere around ~30 food trucks. Everything from ice cream, to BBQ, meat pies and pizza. Currently, only a fraction of these are being used at breweries. But there are more breweries on [...]


Bellingham’s Brewery Boom: Just how many can this city sustain?

With every new brewery that opens in Bellingham, I hear the same question in one form or another: Can Bellingham support yet another brewery? My short answer is a resounding YES. What follows is my long answer. Currently, there are five breweries in Bellingham – Boundary Bay, Chuckanut, Kulshan, Wander, and [...]


Black Fin Design Previews Kulshan Brewery’s Burly New Tables

The images shown here are not final. The tables still have more design work and the wood slabs shown are not the finalized wood slabs that will be used. The Bellingham Tap Trail isn't just about beer. There is a design and feel to all of our breweries that give a unique experience [...]


Congress Seeks to Reduce Small Brewery Tax

Congress is trying to enact the bipartisan SMALL Brew Act. The bill would re-calibrate the existing taxes on breweries. Including decreasing the per barrel tax on those breweries that make less than 60,000 barrels per year. More on the bill below from the Brewer's Association: View image | The Small [...]


Craft Breweries are Running out of Names

Beer is booming and that is a good thing. But apparently, not so much for those trying to enter into the market and develop some catchy exciting names. Apparently, breweries and beers are running out of names of all things. 3,000 breweries in the US and they've all taken the top [...]


Hops N’ Headz is Open

Update on 1/8/15 2:25pm: According to the owners the head shop portion of the business has been reformatted. They intend to have more seating dart boards and an open floor plan that allows for a family friendly restaurant. In our recent poll on which neighborhood should get the next brewery [tap house], Birchwood [...]


Too Many Hops?

Image via Bellingham Home Brewers Guild According to the beer writer below, hops are ruining beer. In a region that is run by hops, this whole debate holds some interest for me. Yakima, WA produces about 75% of the nation's hops. SEVENTY PERCENT! "Hop Bomb", "Hop Head", "Palate Wrecker" are all [...]


Where Should Bellingham’s Next Brewery Be Built?

So much news comes our way and people talk about the next big thing. We'd like to know where you want your next brewery. From the neighborhoods listed below, where would you like to see the next brewery? Try not to just vote for your own neighborhood. Which neighborhood would benefit [...]


10 Barrel Brewing Company Bought by Anheuser-Busch

So this just happened. Annheuser-Busch just bought 10 Barrel Brewing Company in Oregon. What do you think of this? Does this further dilute the craft beer industry, or is craft brewing safe? Odd timing considering our previous article, eh? Do you like the beers 10 Barrel puts out and do you [...]


Baker to Beer: A Winter Tap Trail

Beer is pouring everywhere in Bellingham while the snow is piling up in the mountains. We've got 7 breweries with 2 more on the way. Our tap houses are bringing in world class beer and offering great eats alongside them. This time of year Mount Baker is becoming more obscured by the clouds [...]


Interview with Bellingham’s Stones Throw Brewery

Jack Pflueger is owner of Stones Throw Brewing, one of Belligham's soon to be breweries.  I wanted to learn what they're up to, so I dropped him some questions. Tony (brewer) and Jack from Stones Throw are great guys and we should be happy to have them in the community. Check [...]



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