Boundary Bay Brewing Co & Wander Brewing, brew Resilience IPA to benefit Camp Fire recovery efforts

Bellingham, Wash. - December 18, 2018 - On Wednesday, December 19, Bellingham breweries Boundary Bay Brewing Co. & Wander Brewing are each releasing Resilience IPA, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s nationwide fundraising brew. Sierra Nevada Brewing Comapny created the recipe for Resilience IPA and invited the craft beer community to brew and [...]


Camber and Wander Brewing collaborate on Autumnal Beer Dinner

Bellingham is arguably at it’s best during fall. Clear, sunny days and leaves crunching under our feet make the dropping temperature more bearable. There’s something to be said for the beginning of a season where dark beer and comfort food become a priority, and two local businesses are ringing it in [...]


Méthode Traditionnelle attempts to define a growing category of American-made, Lambic-inspired beers

An increasing number of American breweries are making beers similar to Belgian Lambics using traditional methods, such as spontaneous fermentations, turbid mashes, long boils, barrel aging, etc., along with traditional ingredients such as raw/unmalted wheat and aged hops. Some are even blending one-, two-, and three-year-old batches, similar to Belgian Gueuze [...]


Bellingham breweries win gold(s) at 2017 Great American Beer Festival

  The 2017 Great American Beer Festival came to a close yesterday with the award ceremony on Saturday. For all those fanatics that watched it on live stream or followed online, you already know what's coming. For those that didn't Bellingham represented well at this year's event. Chuckanut Brewery pulled in [...]


Wander Brewing donates Beer Market Sweep winnings to Bellingham Food Bank

  During Bellingham Beer Week 2017 a race of epic proportions, that pitted the titans of the Bellingham's craft beer community against each other, was held at the Community Food Co-op on Forest St. Nine competitors were given 45 seconds per category to find the best representative beer. There were six [...]


The Wander Brewing airplane found its way to Bellingham 3 years ago

  Wander Brewing brewhouse This Saturday will mark 3 years of Wander Brewing on Dean St. in Bellingham, WA. But Chad and Colleen Kuehl and the whole team have extended their reach well beyond their offshoot street along Whatcom Creek. They have created amazing beer after amazing beer that is being recognized not [...]


Wander Brewing releases collaboration with world renowned Willows Inn Restaurant

  I've been talking to Wander Brewing Owner Chad Kuehl about this collaboration for a week or so and I'm excited to see it come out today. It'll be on tap at the brewhall when they open up at 12pm. "Willows and Wander." Sounds like a pairing I could eat at [...]


Prepare to lose a friend over Wander’s next can release

  Wander Brewing's first canned offering, Googly Eyes Double IPA, was released in September during Bellingham Beer Week to rave reviews and copious cans consumed. Googly Eyes was was only available in Wander's taproom, both on tap and in cans. I bought a few of those sweet looking delicious four packs. [...]


New Video on the Startup and Culture of Wander Brewing

  Wander Brewing has taken Bellingham, the region and the nation by storm since they opened in the spring of 2014. Since then Chad and Colleen have offered not only incredible beer, but a place where our community can create culture and connectivity. Checkout their new video that was put together by [...]


Wander Brewing’s Cascade Coolship Fresh Hop Ale

  As we continue through Fresh Hop season, we are starting to see some of the different results being obtained by our local breweries. Today we visit one of Wander Brewing’s Fresh hop beers, Cascade Coolship. We’ve discussed the classic Cascade hop before, as it’s one of the most common hops [...]


Melvin + Wander Brewing Team up for Bellingham Beer Week

  In case you hadn't heard, Melvin Brewing, is coming to Bellingham. Yeah, it's kinda a big deal. They're opening a brewery in the Fountain District. We've been in touch with Melvin Brewing's Jeremy Tofte over the past several months. The brewery is not even in town and they are already [...]


Bellingham Brewed Reviews – Wander + Kulshan Raspberry Lager

  A combined effort from two of Bellingham’s busiest breweries, Wander and Kulshan, has spawned a light, refreshing beer for the upcoming Bellingham Beer Week that pays tribute to Whatcom County’s important raspberry crop. With over 8,500 acres of red raspberries, spread among about 100 farms, Whatcom County produces over 60% [...]


Wander and Kulshan Collaboration Celebrates Bellingham Beer Week

  Bellingham's brewers are putting out more and more product and the community keeps drinking. Each brewery has its own unique style and ambiance. So its a pretty special occasion when two of them decide to collaborate and create together. Dave Vitt, owner of Kulshan Brewing and Chad Kuehl, owner of Wander [...]


Wander Brewing adds a coolship to its Barrel Project

Wander Brewing’s new coolship (an anglicized term from the Dutch/Flemish word, koelschip) may not be the sexiest-looking piece of equipment in the brewery, but it’s arguably the most romantic. This large, shallow and open stainless steel vessel will be used to make spontaneously fermented ales, similar to how they’re made by [...]


Wander and Boundary win at the North American Beer Awards

  Tap Trail breweries have been representing their brewing chops, big time this past year. Wander and Boundary are no exception, if not the rule. Boundary's name seems to be popping up at a few more competitions this past year and Wander continues to enter into competitions. Both Wander and Boundary won awards [...]


Beer Review #41 — Wander Wild Warehouse 2016

Welcome back again for another rendition of Tap Trail Reviews. We've got a fun one this week from Wander, who just celebrated their second anniversary on Saturday in epic fashion. Loads of incredible beer, people, and community made for a great party. Prior to their anniversary, Wander re-released bottles of their Wild [...]


Wander Brewing Releasing Sauraha Sour Blond on Thursday

  Photo by Damian Vines Photography Wander Brewing has released awesome bottle after awesome bottle. This is backed up by their recent Gold at the GABF for their Wild Warehouse Belgian. Thursday (tomorrow!) they will release their next bottle, Sauraha Sour Blond. They sent us a press release with all [...]


Wander Brewing’s Barrel Project expands with new foeder

Wander Brewing recently increased its Barrel Project capacity by 620 gallons, after it purchased and installed a brand-new, 20-barrel foeder. This new vessel adds to Wander’s growing arsenal of more than 80 barrels. A foeder (pronounced FOOD-er, and also spelled foedre or foudre) is a large oak vat that is often [...]


Kulshan and Wander Brewing Take Home Awards at Brussels Beer Challenge

    Transporter The Tap Trail has gone international! Kulshan and Wander Brewing submitted beers to the Brussels Beer Challenge in Antwerp, Belgium. They flew their beer to Antwerp through the Brewers Association to be tasted. Fresh off their Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival, Wander Brewing decided [...]

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