As craft beer expands, so too does the distribution arms of some of the nation’s most established breweries. Following suit, Founders Brewing is finally making its way to the Pacific Northwest in early 2017.

In 2015, Founders Brewing finalised selling 30% of it’s company to the Mahou San Miguel group of Spain. Mahou San Miguel is the largerst brewery in Spain. That sale meant the Brewers Association no longer considered them “craft.” Founders didn’t care. Owners Dave Engbers and Jeremy Kosmicki, told the Strange Brews Podcast

What’s the difference between a bank and a brewery? I’d rather be in bed with a brewery. If the BA doesn’t want to call us a craft brewer, shame on them. I’m ready to be done with them….it used to called microbrew and now it’s called craft beer…whatever.

The sale was to help the company do what so many that have been bought our or sold equity hope to do: Expand their reach and reach new markets. Washington State can expect its first deliveries of Founders in January 2017 with Oregon and Idaho receiving shipments in February.

You can celebrate at Elizabeth Station on January 17th starting at 4pm. They will have a selection of bottles and draft and have beer ready to go.

Brendon Olson, Draft Beer and Events Manager at Elizabeth Station told us

Should have core Founders beers by the beginning of the year and are supposed to be getting KBS (Kentucky breakfast Stout) and CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout) next year. We’ll have about 8-10 beers on for the 1/17 event.

They are one of the best Midwest breweries. Their strengths are their dark beers, but they should do some hoppy and sours as well.

Locally, distribution of Founders will be handled by Sound Beverage. State wide it will be handled by Odom Corporation, Crown Distributing, and Marine View Beverage.

Here’s what you can expect and when in 2017. For more information head to their website.