Fall is malt season in the craft beer world and Chuckanut Brewing will be releasing some beautiful representations over the next month through a range of styles. It’s all covered in the following Press Release From Chuckanut Brewing.
Our 3rd rendition of the Single Hop Lager will be coming out soon. The first two were well received so we want to continue with this interesting and educational single hop series. This one is made with Hallertau Blanc, the new age German hop. Our Single Hop Lager series is a way for all of us to learn more about our beer ingredients. It’s an opportunity for us to master our knowledge about thh nobel hop varietels Chuckanut uses and experiment with US and other new world hop varietals. By using a simple malt bill & lager yeast we allow the hops to shine through. This rendition has lots of notes of white wine grapes, pineapple and goodberries in a golden beer with a nice bitter finish.
Citra Leaf Pilsner is making a comeback. We weren’t sure how this would sell when we introduced it but it flew off the shelves and we still have enough Citra Leaf Hops from Yakima Chief to make about 3 more batches so here comes one of them!! It will be out at the end of September/beginning of October. Citra Leaf hops are made from the leaves and outer petals of the hop flower so the flavors are gentle but still full of the citrus tastes, aromas and bitterness.
Dortmunder will be back tasting better than ever. This export lager is blonde, malty and little stronger than a regular pilsner. It’s Dortmund, Germany’s answer to Pilsner beers. Hard to resist enjoying a second pint at a sitting with this one.
Rauch Marzen will be out in about 5 weeks and hasn’t been made in almost a year! This amber colored delight is modeled upon Spezial Brewery’s Rauch in Bamberg, Germany. Not as strong as some smoked malt beers but enough smokey flavors to make it tantalizing and different from the regular Marzen. This is an excellent food beer!
Bock will arrive for Halloween!! Our strong malty lager is the first in the Big Bier series. Always a treat to drink this deep amber lager that’s been aged about 3 months in the tanks and uses alot more raw ingredients than the normal lager. The higher ABV is enough to warm you up on these cool autumn nights.
Kaffe Dunkel Lager is back but we are using coffee from boutique coffee roaster Coava in Portland, OR this time. Our Dunkel gets an extra kick of coffee flavors as it is mixed with Ethopian coffee beans. Only in limited supplies at out two outlets and down at Baileys Pub in Portland, OR. Try it before it disappears, this is an exceptional beer with hints of coffee, chocolate, toffee and malt. The hops are there to balance out the natural sweetness in the recipe.

So far that’s what I have. Please let me know if you have any questions,