To celebrate the holidays and brighten up these dark days, the brewers at Chuckanut Brewery will be tapping a Holiday ChuckanutBockBock this Friday, Dec. 18, at 5 p.m.

Chuckanut’s Bock beer is a traditional lager that has been aged more than a month before being kegged. The long and cold aging creates a smooth and richly flavored beer that’s ideal for the season.

“We believe this special beer is perfect for the holidays,” says Chuckanut co-owner Mari Kemper. “With its rich, toasty overtones, fruity notes, and smooth alcohol presence, it’s a real festive treat.”

While it’s not made with spices like many holiday beers, Chuckanut’s Holiday Bock is full of flavor, and it’s yet another lager that dispels the myth that lagers are all “light” and bland.

This mahogany-hued beer has just the right amount of hops to balance out its toffee-like sweetness, and it pairs perfectly with any rich entrée or dessert, or it can be savored all by itself.

Chuckanut Bock will be available at Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen by the glass or to take home in growlers. It will also be available at some select Puget Sound bars and restaurants.