We can get over asking, “Has craft beer made it?” It has on many levels. Now a documentary is being made about the craft beer boom in North Carolina, called “Brewconomy.” They recently raised the necessary funds through a Kickstarter campaign. North Carolina ranks 14th in the US in barrels per year produced, according to the Brewers Association.

NC is a great state to showcase the broader success of craft beer across the US. Having visited North Carolina a few years ago, I saw first hand why west coast breweries are moving to the east coast, specifically North Carolina.

This documentary highlights the positive impact craft beer is having in North Carolina. It provides jobs, increases tax revenue, strengthens community ties, encourages agricultural innovation and production.

But there’s more value to this industry than jobs and taxes. Craft brewers are typically small, independent businesses that instill a deep and solid sense of community among themselves and their customers. And this is an industry that prides itself in sourcing ingredients locally.

The director, Camden Watts has more to say

The craft brewing movement in North Carolina is a fascinating example of how smart entrepreneurs, an engaged community, and educated consumers can change the world. I want to share this happy story with others so my home state can continue to improve and grow stronger—even through actions as simple as drinking delicious local craft beer.

Take a look at the trailer and tell us what you think!