We all know craft beer is doing well. REAL well.  So well that a panel of wine experts at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium noted that sales of lower priced wines are losing out to craft beer and cider. They say that it is lower priced wines (under $7) that are hurting the most though.

Sales of inexpensive table wine — bottles under $7 — fell in 2014, the industry leaders said. Sales of premium wine grew — but the everyday wines are the foundation of the wine market, and those are the wines people start with before they eventually buy premium wines.

Fredrikson and Mike Veseth, wine economist and emeritus professor at the University of Puget Sound, said craft beers and ciders — and even sake — are eliciting the kind of passionate enthusiasm that people have for wine — and likely sapping some of the demand.

“We’ve lost some pizzaz relative to other beverages,” Fredrikson said. Those other beverages are also increasingly taking up more shelf space.

Were you a wine drinker at any time in the past 5+ years? If so, have you noticed a decrease in your wine consumption that is being replaced by beer drinking?

I’ve got a box full of wine at my house. Support your vintners Tap Trailers…but drink craft beer first!