I loved the movie Footloose. The original 1984 version, not the half-assed reproduction from 2011. The scene where Ren taps, slides and gyrates all over the warehouse is both inspiring and jaw-dropping and you can’t help but want to kick over some scaffolding and shake your hips ’til they hurt. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check it out for yourself.

And while dancing in bars is still prohibidado in Lynden, this new craft beer tap house will surely have locals and visitors shaking their tail-feathers right up to the entry.  And let’s be honest, how much dancing are you going to want to do when you have an awesome beer selection to enjoy?  

Meet Overflow Taps

I sat down with Adam and Jesse, two of the three owners of Overflow Taps to talk about the who, what, and when’s of the new place opening in November of this year, and while simply creating a tap house in Lynden would surely be a hit, these guys are taking it over the top with both their beer selection and their mission.

Overflow Taps is a beer and wine house with a plan to write a story and make a difference with the help of every customer. We will offer local and regional beer and wine on tap, as well as limited edition glassware and merchandise in our shop and online. A portion of every item sold at Overflow will be given back to respectable and impactful charities.

The Location

On 5th street, just off of Front street, Overflow Taps plans on taking over the first floor of a newly renovated building shared by an independent boutique hotel and the perpetually popular Avenue Bread. As of the publish date of this article, the contract isn’t signed yet, but it looks good.

The Beer

Overflow Taps plans on having 10 CO2 taps and 3 nitro taps at the bar and a single cooler of bottles. They’ll be pouring beers from local breweries and there wasn’t any mention of a mug club.

The Food

Overflow Taps won’t have a kitchen, but they’re sharing a building with Avenue Bread. My guess is that Avenue will happily deliver grub to the tap house as needed.

The Charity Pledge

Yep. 25¢ from every pint sold at Overflow Taps will be given to “Charity:Water” a group dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to every person on the planet. You can learn more about the charity on the Charity:Water Website, and Overflow Taps has worked out the math to assume that they’ll be donating $4000 annually.

I’m sure we’ll hear more about this new tap house when we approach their expected launch date, but until then, follow them at their facebook page or their web site

I personally think that a tap house in Lynden is a great idea and this style of establishment, including the charity pledge, is a fantastic introduction of craft beer to the city. What do you think?

Cheers to Overflow Taps!