Budweiser isn’t fussy and they are proud of it. They let that be known during this year’s Super Bowl. There was so much backlash from the surging craft beer community that the commercial not only fell on deaf ears, but was tone deaf to what beer drinkers truly wanted: Fussy beers.

In that commercial Budweiser mocked craft beer by describing a what they believed to be a stereotypical, and what they felt to be fictional, “fussy” beer called “pumpkin peach ale.” Not only does that beer exist it’s produced by the very craft brewery they just bought. But craft breweries have decided to fight back. They are now trolling Budweiser and have brewed many Pumpkin Peach Ales, according to the Huffington Post.

Bell’s, along with several other microbreweries around the country, was inspired enough to make limited runs of exactly such a beer in response. Smokehouse Brewing Co in Columbus, Ohio, released one called “Fussy Sipper Pumpkin Peach Ale,” while Griffin Claw Brewing Company in Birmingham, Michigan, called theirs “Beechwood-Aged Pumpkin Peach Ale.”

Bell’s only produced 48 bottles of their Pumpkin Peach Ale and they are selling it for $20 each. Not bad for such a limited run. Bells’ Founder Larry Bell, had some harsh words for Budweiser

It’s a

[screw] you to Anheuser-Busch,” Bell’s founder Larry Bell said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. “Because they sent us a [screw] you.”