The Tap Trail is a fan of gadgets. So much so, that we have an entire section of the website dedicated to them. Though this is more of a process than gadget, but close enough.

Keep drinking craft beer lovers because this Danish festival will take all that urine you produced from drinking beer for the past 6 hours and turn it into beer!

As reported by Inhabitat, the festival’s attendees were having such a negative impact every year on the town’s sewage system that they came up with a plan to “beercycle” everyone’s piss and use it to fertilize local barley fields that were than used to make beer. The beer will be ready to drink in 2017.

You’re telling me it takes over a year to produce piss beer? That’s odd.

Sewage and beer have gotten some press lately. A program out of Portland found a way to recycle treated sewage to brew beer. Because brewing beer is so water intensive (not nearly as intensive as MANY other forms of beverages) brewers and communities have developed ways to save water in the brewing process.

So, the next time you’re drinking a beer, consider where you’re pissing because you could be the missing link to your own closed system brewery.