West coast breweries are stretching their wings and taking their wares to other parts of the US. Breweries like Stone, Green Flash and Sierra Nevada are opening up massive breweries in Virginia and North Carolina, due to the awesome tax breaks and opportunities to reach a new market.

Then there are breweries like Deschutes who are taking a more mobile approach. They have built a 400ft mobile bar that will have 40 taps. The bar can be packed up and moved in one day while it’s on it’s 7 city tour of The bar will be packed up and taken to Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver and Sacremento. 100% of all the proceeds made in those 7 cities will go directly to their respective city’s Boys and Girls Clubs. The brewery is known for it’s do-gooding and making many Top Beer Lists.

From the Bend Bulletin

The street pub is a locally crafted 402-foot custom bar made from 4,296 feet of reclaimed white oak and 10,000 pounds of steel. Details have been added to the massive structure to emulate the brewpub in Bend, so Deschutes fans in other cities can experience what they would otherwise have to travel to Oregon for.

The apparatus has five major sections, each meant to provide a different experience and to tell the Deschutes story.

The main bar showcases the brewery’s most well known beers such as Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

Another section houses the Bond Street beers such as Fresh Squeezed IPA and other experimental beers from the pub.

There’s the Reserve section that features beers such as The Abyss, and where the Deschutes Brewery team will discuss things like barrel aging and the “more nerdy side of specialty beers,” Pleich said.

Then there’s the Worth Sharing section that features games and prizes and is meant for people to interact with others and foster a sense of community.

Finally, the pub section holds cooking demonstrations and discussions on pairing food with beer.

At the end of the day, the entire thing collapses into a 50-foot trailer.