Potentially the most loved and hated beer style is pumpkin. Recently the American Home Brewers Association released “An Open Letter to Pumpkin Beer Haters.” The author remained anonymous for fear of his safety. Advocates of his safety. The author ponders the existential conflict:

Am I fooling myself on the freshness or realness of these beers? Doubtful. A fool, but an honest fool, there are plenty of fresh and, like, “real” beers out there, man. Generalizing all pumpkin beer as not being fresh or “real” enough holds as much water as my tiny little bladder.

Do you agree? Are you a pumpkin beer hater? Lover? This is a pressing question in the world of craft beer and it needs to be resolved. We’ve covered pumpkin beers before and they will return in force very soon. In fact, Wander Brewing just released Pump Fest their seasonal pumpkin beer.

Most pumpkin beers are made with spices, as opposed to actually pumpkin meat. Many argue the style doesn’t pay homage to the orange giant – they argue we’ve been sold an empty gourd and we’ve all taken a bite.

Well, let’s settle this. Take our poll below and tell us, very simply, if you like pumpkin beers or not.

Tell us in the comments what  you think. What are your favorite and least favorite pumpkin beers? Also, cheap attempt to sell you something, but with pumpkin beer comes cold weather. Need a hoodie?

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