Dogfish Head is well known for it’s popular owner Sam Calagione. They produce some of the most unique and well crafted beers in the world. They’ve decided to capitalize on that success and follow the footsteps of those such as Rogue Brewing Company, and launch a series of spirits.

Dogfish Head Analog Vodka (80 proof): Made with 100% brewers malt and our proprietary “Doggie” yeast, Analog Vodka embodies the core of Dogfish Head’s 20-year commitment to quality and creativity. It’s crisp, with a viscous sweetness of caramelized sugar and malted barley with a cleansing minerality, a sipping vodka for whiskey drinkers.

Dogfish Head Compelling Gin (88 proof): Distilled using the peel and flesh of our favorite citrus and a long list of beautiful culinary ingredients stolen from our brewpub kitchen, Compelling Gin is bright and citrusy, with a crisp juniper snap and lingering cinnamon warmth, a culinary-inspired gin.

Dogfish Head Whole Leaf Gin (90 proof): Like Dogfish Head’s signature line of continually hopped IPAs, Whole Leaf Gin continually doses whole leaf hops into each step of the gin distillation process. The result is an earthy gin, with a drying coolness, yet bursting with floral hop goodness, the IPA of spirits.

For now, these spirits will only be found in Delaware, with plans to expand distribution along the Atlantic seaboard in 2016. The distilling industry is seeing a great deal of growth. Interestingly enough, the growth trends mirror that of the craft brewing industry. Large corporate distillers are reporting declining growth, where small “craft” distillers are reporting significant growth. For more on that, head here.