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Did you get straight As in the school of hard knocks? Love trading fan theories on how a F*R*I*E*N*D*S crossover with the literary works of Jane Austin would play out? Ready to own the competition in your knowledge of famous horses, 2nd-tier bad guys, answers that rhyme with “shoe”? Do you know things? SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!

Join us Tuesday nights make fun of a quiz.

The Deets

* Four rounds of general trivia on various themes including a music round.

* Bonus questions, round doubling and wagers make the game competitive

* Teams of up to 6 are preferred, challenge yourself to solo play, or bring the whole gang. Perfect for team building, getting together with old friends, or getting to know someone based on their knowledge of pop-culture, esoteric sports, or just how many 7-11s there are in town.

* Buy in is $2 per person

* Sign up begins at 6:40, Trivia starts at 7:00PM. Arrive early for drinks, your favorite table, and to sample our tasty menu.

* Top teams get a share of the pot with surprises and even a consolation prize for least most points.