Evil Twin Brewing consistently brews up some of the best beers around. Head brewer and owner Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø launched the brewery in 2010. Evil Twin is a “gypsy” brewery, so it has no home. Evil Twin brews all over the world and teams up with an array of breweries to create complex, dynamic and technical beers.

Evil Twin’s beers are highly sought after and, compared to other select beers, expensive. But how expensive? According to Chris Klein of Caution: Brewing Co. much too expensive. Klein sent Jeppe a pretty epic email rant complaining about their beer’s price. In the age of social media, these moves generally don’t turn out well for the ranter. Case in point, Jeppe decided to post the email on Facebook. What do you think? Stupid move? Do you agree?

After Evil Twin posted this rant Mr. Klein took a step back and recanted his email rant claiming that Evil Twin had “won”, which is funny because it wasn’t much of a fight.

The odd exchange finally ended with the owner of Caution: Brewing Co. emailing Evil Twin a bit of an apology. A little Google snooping leads me to believe Mr. Klein is a beertender at Caution.

Oh craft brewing, how I love you. You provide daily excitement and color. Not to mention delicious beers to enjoy it all with.