If you bought a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of five 92 Adventure Packs of Bastard Kat IPA from Kulshan Brewing, the drawings will be held tonight (12/10/15) from 5 to 8 p.m. at K2 (1538 Kentucky St.).

KulshanLogoShadowA few weeks ago, we told you about Kulshan’s partnership with local radio station KISM 92.9 FM for a promotion to benefit The American Legion to Support Veterans and Their Families (with all proceeds going to The American Legion), and it concludes tonight.

If you don’t end up winning one of these hog legs of beer, you can buy one at K2 for just $92.

$1 per beer is a pretty sweet deal, and the 92 Adventure Pack is perfect for parties, plus it makes for a great holiday gift.

Beyond the charity fundraiser, why did Kulshan decide to produce the largest pack of beer in our area?

“We thought a huge pack of beer would be a fun way to highlight our new, much larger brewery at 1538 Kentucky Street,” says Brad Wilske of Kulshan. “And after teaming up with KISM 92.9 for a charity benefit, we realized 92 was the perfect number of beers for the pack.”

92 Pack_Carried