Another accolade for another brewery on the Tap Trail. The auspicious Food and Wine Magazine has named Boundary Bay Brewery one of it’s Top 10 Great Breweries in America.  That’s pretty awesome! From the article:

One result of the craft beer explosion in the United States is that good beer is now being produced in some far-flung places. Local output also revs up regional pride, so expect the following list to be quite controversial.—best known for listing the 100 best places to live in America—just released a ranking of the top 10 American beer cities, excluding Brooklyn, Boston, San Francisco and Portland, to name a few.

For the following lineup, the company researched metrics like how many award-winning beers a city produces, breweries per capita and whether residents choose craft beer over the mass-produced stuff. Whatever your opinion on the results, let it be said that the featured cities are home to some great breweries. Here, 10 of our favorites.

8. Bellingham, WA: Boundary Bay Brewing

Boundary Bay has been racking up medals at the North American Beer Awards for years and is regularly recognized as one of the best breweries in one of the best beer regions in the country.