House bill 1108 would allow food trucks to serve beer and wine. The bill was proposed by Rep. Chris Reykdal D- Tumwater. If this passes it would create an interesting twist on the symbiotic relationship we now have with our local breweries and food trucks. What is StreatFood starts serving pints of Kulshan? Would they need to show up at Kulshan Brewery anymore? Would this be further impetus to start a food cart pod in Bellingham? From the article:

The proposal from Rep. Chris Reykdal, D-Tumwater, would create a special license that would allow food trucks to serve alcohol. Reykdal told a House committee this month that letting food trucks offer beer and wine “would be pretty neat.”

“It’s unique food sometimes; it’s authentic in some cases,” Reykdal said. “I just think it’s a good business opportunity for them and probably good for those who consume it.”

Right now, beer and wine licenses are available for traditional-style restaurants that have a dedicated dining area.

House Bill 1108 would allow food trucks, which typically are mobile and serve food at outdoor locations, to apply for a similar license through the state Liquor Control Board.

Under Reykdal’s proposal, food trucks would be eligible for a beer and wine license as long as they have a designated outdoor seating area and serve alcohol only to those ordering food.

The food trucks would also need to prove that their local jurisdiction allows them to serve beer and wine and that they have permission to serve alcohol from the owner of the property where they’re parked.