In case you didn’t know, it’s American Craft Beer Week! Everyone is getting in on the celebration…even Fortune Magazine. “Why?” you may ask. Because even the people at Fortune like craft beer and we should be thankful. If there is anything that saysCraft beer has made it!” it’s being in Fortune Magazine.

Do craft beer lovers like that Fortune Magazine is promoting craft beer? Does it take away any of the exclusivity and artisan nature that so many people enjoy about craft beer? Let us know!

Heady Topper

Courtesy of Heady Topper

This DIPA urges you to drink it out of the can – something that’s likely to be foreign to most craft beer drinkers. Do what it says. While it’s fine in a glass, drinking from the can lets you inhale additional hops before the beer hits your tongue, prepping your palate for what’s to come – an explosion of citrus and hoppy bitterness But it’s one of the most well-balanced beers you’ll come across and has a perfectly clean finish. Best beer in America? That’s a personal choice. But it’s certainly a great one. (ABV: 8%)

Founders CBS Imperial Stout

Courtesy of Founders

Currently ranked as the fifth best beer in the country, this imperial stout is aged in bourbon barrels that were previously used to age Michigan syrup. It’s a well-balanced, creamy concoction that incorporates chocolate and coffee – but it’s not as sweet as you might expect. Resist the urge to drink it quickly. Instead, let it warm up a bit and you’ll find it offers an explosive flavor profile. (10.6% ABV)

Fiddlehead Second Fiddle

Courtesy of Fiddlehead Brewing Company

An excellent example of a Vermont IPA, this is a nice, full-bodied beer that boasts plenty of citrus and earthy tones with a very smooth bitterness that fades at the finish. It’s incredible tasting when cold, but – in a rarity for an IPA – it’s still delicious if it gets to room temperature (though odds are you won’t be able to resist it long enough to discover that for yourself). (ABV: 8.1%)

AleSmith IPA

Courtesy of AleSmith

An absolutely fantastic blend of citrus, pine and spice, this California IPA has a hoppy tang to it that’s incredibly fresh. The flavors hit one at a time, resulting in a very layered beer that’s quite refreshing. It finishes with a creamy hint of bitterness that leaves you wanting more.(ABV: 7.25%)

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break

Courtesy of Evil Twin Brewing

This is two different beers, depending on whether you let it warm or not. Drink it cold and you’re hit with dark chocolate followed by an espresso finish, all tempered with a sweet malty taste. Let it warm up a bit, though, and the coffee takes over, though the sweetness of the malt is prominent at the finish. What’s most impressive, though, is how smooth the beer is, given its incredibly high level of alcohol. (ABV: 11.5%)