A bit ago,we reported on the vote within Full Sail Brewery to sell to a private equity firm. The vote has gone through and it’s official, they will be selling. Full Sail is no longer Independently owned according to New School Beer

It’s the end of an era as Full Sail Brewing’s employees and founders voted on Friday to sell to Oregon Craft Brewers Co. which is a local investment group formed by Encore Consumer Capital a San Francisco based private equity firm.“The votes were returned confidentially to our ESOP attorney. It passed nearly unanimously” said Full Sail founder and CEO Irene Firmat.

In the last four months 10 Barrel Brewing, Seattle’s Elysian Brewing  and now Full Sail Brewing have been bought out by either Big Beer or, now, by an equity firms. Full Sail Brewing was the 25th largest craft brewer in the United States at 115,000 barrels a year. It brewed more than Elysian (50,000) and 10 Barrel (40,000), combined.