We don’t approve of drinking illegally in public, but if one were being a jerk and wanted to cause problems, you might look into getting a Trinken, The Ultimate Stealth Koozie. The Kickstarter campaign for this project allows the drinker to attach a coffee cup lid to the top of your beer can and drop it into any to-go coffee cup. Voila, they think you’re drinking coffee, but you’re actually drinking coffee stout.

Trinken actually started off as “Lolo” a year ago, but got a cease and desist from “Solo” the massive coffee cup company. The changed the name to Trinken and started another Kickstarter campaign to get the product moving and out. Apparently, the idea of secretly drinking has a great deal of public interest because the company has raised over $30,000 and it only needed $7,500. There’s still 18 days to go on the campaign.

If you’re looking for that special holiday gift, for the closet drinker, the Trinken, might be your thing. Just be smart about it.