Bellingham has been lucky enough to have a long summer. Sunny days with crisp air and virtually no rain fall have allowed locals to maximize their patio time, whether it be in Menace’s beer garden, Elizabeth Station’s patio, or the outdoor beer-drinking mecca that is Goods Local Brews. Open since late spring, Goods has become a favorite drinking spot in the Columbia and Fountain neighborhoods. Not only is there community favorite beers like the Heliotrope IPA from Kulshan Brewing, something that owner Cory Bakker and surrounding neighbors say is the choice beer at Goods, but the taproom is kid-friendly, dog-friendly, and has an unmatched casual atmosphere.

Whether you’re there for a mid-day beer, a night out, studying, holding a meeting or stopping in for dinner from A Que Tacos or those delicious Chinese dumpling feast, Goods truly has it all.

Now that our days are getting shorter and the trees are getting more bare, seemingly by the day, Bellingham is in fall-mode. Ciders change from Mango-Habanero to Cranapple and cobbler flavors, and harvest/holiday events begin to take shape. At Goods this Saturday, November 3, you can ring in the new season not only by enjoying an extra hour of sleep that morning, but by pressing your own apple cider to take home with you.

Goods Press Fest 2018 is the first inagural cider pressing event, and is one of the first of it’s kind in Bellingham. In fact, this has been the year for cider in Bellingham, and Goods will be the first to say it. Upon the opening of Bellingham Cider Company, Lost Giants Cider and most recently, Herb’s Cider, Bellingham is growing from a beer-centric city to a generally fermentation-happy city. In fact, this year was the first cider festival in town, Sippin’ on Cider. This Saturday at Goods, is the perfect time to see the product you’ve been loving in it’s truest form.

The event starts at 11 am, where neighbors are encouraged to either bring their own apples, or use the apples provided by a donor, Papa Welch. Donations are encouraged, all of which is given to the Welch farm in exchange for the bounty they are providing, according to Goods. There will also be a pressing contest, where community members are encouraged to enter their own uniquely designed cider presses, or the family antique cider press that’s been collecting dust. In every possible way, community members can take home cider that is a holistic community effort.

Not only is the cider pressing festival an opportunity to see how cider pressing is done old school, but families can enjoy food from local food trucks and live music. There will also be beer on tap inside, as well as apple bobbing and various local vendors and artists selling their crafts. It’s the perfect harvest event to ring in the new season and celebrate autumn in one of the most unique beer and cider communities in America.

Goods Press Fest 2018

Saturday, November 3 @ 11 am to 8 pm