The Green Frog‘s tap list touts some serious heavy hitters. Recently they’ve had a few taps for renowned Selkirk Abbey Brewing Company. Selkirk makes some of the best Belgian inspired beers out there. Selkirk opened in 2012 and has been pushing out sought after beers such as the the Selkirk Infidel, which has a 96 on Rate Beer, giving it some world class support.

When I asked James Hardesty, owner of the Green Frog for a quote, he told me

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Insightful stuff there. If having Selkirk Abbey Brewing in Bellingham for a night isn’t an example of living up to the full potential of this quote’s wisdom, I don’t know what is. If you wish to truly live in the spirit of craft beer and serve the craft beer community, attending this night of craft beer rarity is the way to do it.

Where: Green Frog Acoustic Tavern

When: Wednesday 8/26, 6-9pm

So what will be pouring?

Infidel Belgian IPA (8.2% ABV, 85 IBU) – Unbowed and unrepentant, this free spirit makes no apologies and asks for no forgiveness. Infidel is an imperial Belgian style IPA that set the standard for the style. Its rich satisfying flavor of spicy citrus, pine and grassy earthiness are carried by a malt bill and ABV big enough to run with it.
Guilt Coffee Porter (8.3% ABV, 45 IBU) – Our 2013 homebrew contest had 34 entries. This beer won. One sip will tell you why. We were happy to enter it as our Pro-Am beer at the Great American Beer Festival. We very proudly use coffee from our neighbor, DOMA coffee roasting company, in this beer.
Deacon Belgian Pale (5.5% ABV, 28 IBU) – Hops and grains from the great Northwest, Belgian yeast and Idaho’s best water combine to make this smooth, dry Pale Ale. Excellent with a meal or simply on its own this delicious, crisp little crowd pleaser is a house favorite.
Chapel Belgian Wit (4.9% ABV, 20 IBU) – Selkirk Abbey’s classic Belgian witbier is light in body and delightfully easy-drinking; brewed with orange peel and coriander to provide a kiss of citrus that’s sure to be refreshing any time of the year.
Huckleberry Chapel (4.9% ABV, 20 IBU) – If you’ve spent any time in the Northwest, you know of our love of the mountain huckleberry. This tiny fruit feeds bird and bear alike. It also feeds our hunger to experience the robust land in which we live. From frigid steam and alpine lake, to soaring peak and high mountain pasture, the unassuming huckleberry is a welcome sight to all on the trail.
St. Thomas Black Saison (6.1% ABV, 38 IBU) – Saint Thomas is proof that a book should be opened before being judged. Subtle coffee and chocolate notes share the table with a light refreshing crispness. Saint Thomas is a solid winter beer that is equally at home during the height of summer.