Just in time for Summer fun, the Crowler Can has arrived in Bellingham!

Earlier this week we discussed some the benefits of canned beer, as well as debunked some common beer myths related to bottling vs. canning. The Crowler fits right in to those discussions, it is a 32oz single time use can, which can be filled just like a traditional Growler with any number of fresh draft beer choices. Instead of being sealed with a traditional Growler cap, it gets sealed up just like a fresh can of beer. The benefits of the Crowler are of course similar to the benefits of canned beer, 100% recyclable, no UV light reaches the beer, no off flavors from an unclean Growler, and will last longer and be cheaper initially than a traditional glass Growler.

Perhaps the best feature of the Crowler is its portability, take it with you wherever you (legally) like. Camping, backpacking, hiking, golfing, sailing, canoeing, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, lawn mowing, all without having to worry about carrying around, or breaking a heavy glass growler. Once the Crowler is opened, enjoy it just as you would a smaller can, with or without friends gathered around a campfire or out on the boat. Just remember, pack it in, pack it out!

Crowlers will be available locally at Elizabeth Station, free through Monday! Then the cost will be $2 for the can, compared to $5 for the glass growler, plus the cost of the 32oz fill, which can range anywhere from $5 to $25+ depending on which delicious beer you choose to enjoy. They will come hand labeled and marked with your beer choice, just in case you forget what you got.

We have our good friends at Oskar Blues to thank for this great new way to transport and enjoy many wonderful craft beers. Oskar Blues has been at the forefront of the canned beer revolution since their inception, having never bottled a beer, cans only!

Have a great, fun, and safe Ski to Sea Weekend, cheers!