We are officially less than one week away from Christmas, meaning now is the time to scramble for last minute gifts for that cousin you didn’t know was coming to dinner, plan exactly what you’re contributing to your family’s Christmas feast, and pick up a couple boozy stocking stuffers to get you and the other beer drinkers in your family through the holiday.

Most stores are closed for Monday and Tuesday, but you’re in luck if beer is something on your list of things to pick up, because Elizabeth Station will be open on Monday from 10 am to 4 pm. They’ve received a variety of holiday bottles this year, a little something for everyone from a variety of styles and breweries from around the country. Here’s a few classics and a few special releases that will be the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations.

Fremont Brewing

B-Bomb Winter Ale

Every winter, Fremont releases a Bourbon Barrel-Aged winter ale, as well as coffee-cinnamon and coconut variants.

This year’s releases were aged in 8-12 year old American Oak bourbon barrels. A blend of 9, 12, and 24 month aged winter ales, you can expect notes of cacao, oak, bourbon, coffee and toffee. You can crack this open at dinner for a delicious but rich addition to your Christmas feast, save it for dessert as a perfect pairing with basically anything sweet, or gift it! These babies age gracefully for about another 5 years. The best things get better with time, right?

14% ABV

B-Bomb: $20.99

Variants: $22.99

Hellbent Brewing Company

All Spruced Up

Hellbent Brewing Company out of Seattle produced a winter beer brewed in the style of a traditional winter beer but with a spruce twist. brewed in the style of a traditional winter beer, it’s dark amber in color with brown hues yet has a mild malty richness. The hops (Citra, Chinook, and Cascade) along with fresh Spruce tips add a citrus floral and “candy-like” aroma.

7.5% ABV

$2.79 per can

Evil Twin Brewing

Cranberry Saus Baus

If you’re the kind of person who loads up the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving and insists that you also have cranberry sauce on the table for Christmas dinner, this beer is for you! It’s an American-style IPA with lactose and vanilla with cranberry puree added. With vanilla on the nose, and loads of cranberry on the finish, it’s fruity but the flavor of the cranberry prevails on the finish. It tastes as interesting as it sounds, leave it to Evil Twin (out of NY).

7.8% ABV

$5.49 per can

Matchless Brewing

Hop Shindig

Using whole Cascade and Centennial hops from CLS Farms in Yakima, WA, Hop Shindig is a hop-focused, minimal malt background ale with notes of pine and citrus. This is an easy drinking holiday ale that will do plenty to cut through the fat in your delicious and rich holiday dinner.

7.5% ABV

$4.49 per can

Pelican Brewing

Mother of All Storms

This is a highly anticipated Bourbon Barrel-Aged barleywine that comes out annually from Pelican Brewing in Tillamook, OR. Luckily enough, Elizabeth Station has you covered if you want some to go with your meal this year, or hold onto it for a while! This is definitely one to keep. With notes of vanilla, toffee and caramel, this barleywine delivers a deep and complex flavor palette from when it hits your tongue to the swallow that makes you feel the boozy heat that barleywines bring.

14% ABV

$23.99 per bottle

Hair of the Dog

Doggie Claws Barleywine

This specialty barleywine from Hair of the Dog has an intense herbal hop character. Bottle conditioned, this stays true to their style and only gets better with age.

11.5% ABV

$7.49 a bottle

Double Mountain

Falalala Winter Ale

Double Mountain released a surprisingly light winter ale, maintaining the hoppy characters of an IPA from a ridiculous amount of Centennial hops and surprising spices from a strong malt bill. It’s refreshing but still reminds us of the holidays, a truly perfect balance.

7.6% ABV

$4.99 a bottle

Kulshan Brewing Co.

Bonanza Cranberry and Blood Orange Brut IPA

With little to no residual sugars and strong flavors of cranberry and blood orange from a puree, this Brut IPA is dry but fruity, much like a prosecco with cranberry and blood orange, or the Martinelli’s being enjoyed at the kids table, but craft. Made with Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon hops as well as Maris Otter, Flaked Barley and Flaked Rice, this bottle is in a league of it’s own among Kulshan’s usual lineup.

6.0% ABV

$4.99 a bottle

Reuben’s Brews

Holiday Gose

This cranberry-orange variation of our award-winning gose is fermented with our house lactobacillus culture and includes fresh cranberries (10 lbs per barrel!), sweet orange zest, a touch of coriander and a hint of sea salt.

4.3% ABV

$2.29 a can

Sierra Nevada

Celebration IPA

The highly anticipated winter fresh hop from Sierra Nevada is a crowd favorite. Currently Elizabeth Station has it on draft as well as in bottles! Make sure you get some before it’s gone, or surprise someone with a 32 ounce crowler (can growler).

6.8% ABV

$1.79 a bottle

Regardless of your holiday needs, Elizabeth Station has you covered in the beer sector. Let the staff help you find something specific or something you’ve never tried!