You’ve got 4 days to get your last minute gifts for friends and family…not to mention yourself. Lucky for you, you like craft beer and craft beer bottles make the perfect stocking stuffer, or extremely visually obvious wrapped gift. Even luckier, both Boundary and Structures Brewing are releasing bottles this week to meet your gift giving needs. The stocking’s await!

Boundary Bay Brewery

Imperial Oatmeal Stout & Bretta Whiskey Fever

Release Party today, 12/21 at Boundary Bay Brewery, 6pm15626061_10153996576006039_4985393785494797992_o

From Boundary Brewer, Bryan Krug

It’s exciting due to it being radically different than anything Boundary has ever released. The aroma has paradoxically ephemeral and at once, hearty qualities, which I find fascinating; and as a brewer, a bit frustrating to pin down. BWF is more than anything a great reminder to let go, to relax and really ease into the slower internal modes of the season. What a lovely synchronicity that we get to release it on the Winter Solstice! I expect it to age incredibly well, upright and at cellar temperatures, for at least the next two years.

BRETTA WHISKEY FEVER – We invited Brettanomyces to party with our 2015 Cabin Fever in Dry Fly Whiskey Barrels. After eight months, things got funky fresh. Bretta Whiskey Fever’s touch of wood and whiskey get down with a mellow bitterness in this totally far out brew. Feel the funk!
IMPERIAL OATMEAL STOUT – Aged in Chuckanut Bay Distillery Whiskey Barrels Silver Medal, WA Beer Awards 2015. Caramel-honey aromatics support complex vanilla creme impressions. Balanced bitter roast flavors poke through with dark fruit and a touch of coffee parlaying for your palatte with whiskey’s heat. Slightly sweet, with a distinctly refreshing culmination.

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Structures Brewing


Blend of Barrel Aged Biere de Miel and Saison

Released this Friday, 12/23. only available at Structures Brewing


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Structures head brewer and owner, James Alexander, told Tap Trail

This blend of two beers was inspired by the many American and European saisons Max and I have had over the last few years. It excites us to put out a beer that is roughly nine months old and has a price point of $11. Don’t get me wrong, some beers deserve to be priced high (fruit, boatloads of hops, or a 15% beer.) But this is a yeast driven beer with great complexity. But, overall it is simple and subtle, just like Structures

Biere de Miel – Brewed with the honey from the blossoms of raspberry plants. Fermented in puncheons and aged in merlot, French oak barrels for 7 months – 60% blend

Saison – Brewed with wheat and fermented with a mixed culture, containing both lactic acid, bacteria and Brettanomyces. Fermented in puncheons and aged atop the lees for 6 months

Why should you buy these stocking stuffers? Like that diamond you’re considering buying to propose to your fiance with on Christmas morning, these are one of a kind and likely will never be seen again. They are limited and rare. In fact, if you are considering proposing with a diamond this Christmas morning, save yourself a few thousand dollars, be original and propose with a bottle from Boundary or Structures.

Just imagine handing your fiance a bottle of original local craft beer, popping it and saying, “Will you marry me?” while pouring each of you a tulip. It will be much more romantic than that expensive rock to haul around. Also, you’ll consume it together, which is super romantic.

Not getting engaged on Christmas Day? All good, these beers will still taste good! In fact, they might even taste better.