Update on 1/8/15 2:25pm: According to the owners the head shop portion of the business has been reformatted. They intend to have more seating dart boards and an open floor plan that allows for a family friendly restaurant.

In our recent poll on which neighborhood should get the next brewery [tap house], Birchwood Neighborhood won by a wide margin! Well, Tap Trailers tell the truth because that is exactly what happened. Hops N’ Headz opened up in early January. They have 30 taps and a full kitchen.  Unlike other tap houses, on the opposite end of the business, is a head shop. What’s a head shop for those not in the know? It’s a place to buy marijuana implements (pipes, bongs, etc.)

The head shop is run by Ralph. When I met Ralph a few weeks ago, he said he had proposed the idea to Steve, who owned what was formerly Osaka. They decided to take advantage of the burgeoning retail marijuana business and combine it with Bellingham’s most exciting sector, beer.

When you walk in from the parking lot, you’re greeted with a 20 foot long glass case full of locally blown glass. Everything from pipes to bongs are available. Walking around the other side of the business you run into 30 taps, and three large screen TVs. The middle TV has a rolling list of their extensive tap selection.

It’s a unique place and you should definitely check it out. Steve is excited to be on Tap Trail’s next map in early March. Places like Hops and Heads will definitely add variety to Bellingham’s tap house scene.

Checkout this recent article from the BBJ on Hops ‘N Headz. Have you been to Hops ‘N Headz? Tell us what you like there!