We all know that the United States is in the middle of an unprecedented craft beer boom. We’re on the precipice of blowing past the our record for breweries that was set in 1873, when we had 4,173. If we see continued 9% growth in the second half of 2015, we’ll be 4,075  breweries by the December 31st 2015.

Currently, there are just over 4,000 breweries in the US, but what does that mean on an international level? How do we stack up, in terms of number of breweries?

Keep in mind, more isn’t always better. Which country has the highest concentration of the highest ranked breweries? I’ll be on the lookout for those metrics for you. For now, enjoy this from Forbes. I have to say, that the number of breweries in Japan surprised me, even though we’ve covered their booming craft beer industry before.

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