SodaStream launches its new homemade beer system, the Beer BarLike the Keurig before it, this new beer gadget hopes to snuff out any hope of “craft” beer. Just add water and whammo, there you have it, beer.

Beer gadgetry has done it’s best to bring craft beer to the masses and the Beer Bar from Soda Stream makes getting beer from home that much easier. The Brew Bot allowed you to brew beer from your phone. Nifty! While the beer bar doesn’t carry the same street cred as the PicoBrew, I’m sure it will have it’s fans.

Soda Stream is famous for allowing you to make soda pop, right in your home. The natural next step is beer! You simply add sparkling water to your included bottle of beer.

The home set ships a 1 liter bottle of “Blondie Ale” that comes in at 4.5% ABV. That one liter bottle yields 3 liters of beer! Just look at that graphic and how the nice of a glass that is. It must taste great!

The Beer Bar is only available in Switzerland and Germany, but they might be available in the US by the end of the year, or early next.

As CNET said,

Of course, saying that you’re brewing beer by adding sparkling water to concentrate equates to cooking by microwaving a frozen dinner. I’m highly skeptical that a beer made by the Beer Bar would actually be something I’d enjoy drinking, but I’ve been wrong about beer devices before.

…if you want to just push a button and be done with it, the Beer Bar from SodaStream could be for you.

So there you have it. Sparkling water infused beer at 4.5% from a push button system on your countertop. You know, the world isn’t doing half bad, but this is definitely a sign things are making a turn for the……? Go ahead and fill in the blank for me.