Jack Pflueger is owner of Stones Throw Brewing, one of Belligham’s soon to be breweries.  I wanted to learn what they’re up to, so I dropped him some questions. Tony (brewer) and Jack from Stones Throw are great guys and we should be happy to have them in the community. Check them out and learn more about them below![separator style_type=”double|dotted” top_margin=”40″ bottom_margin=”40″ sep_color=”#facd36″ icon=”” width=”” class=”” id=””]

Tell us what Stones Throw Brewery is all about?

Stones Throw isn’t about punctuation or grammar, we’re about making great beer and fueling the outdoor lifestyle that beer is naturally a part of here in the NW.  Stones Throw is a beer in the shower after a muddy trail run or wet bike ride.  Stones Throw is kicking back a with a couple of friends and cold beers around a fire and enjoying the present moment.

What is Stones Throw’s spirit animal?

Spirit Animal?  Definitely the Miss Annie, the Madam of 1009 Larrabee’s past, she has ways of persuasion and relaxation that guide us.

When do you hope to be open?

We hope to be open early 2015, but once we have broken ground, with building permits in hand, we will know much more about our timeline.

Name two of your favorite Muppets and what type of beer you think they drink

Animal – Stones Throw Nookie IPA

Grover – Stones Throw South of the Border Stout

What types of beer will Stones Throw be brewing?

Ales.  here are a few titles; Flat Penny Pale Ale, Raincountry Kolsch, Blanchard ESB, Whistle Punk Porter.

What’s your favorite style of beer?

Right now i’m excited to understand and learn more about sours, but I’ve been drinking a lot of stouts.

What’s your favorite season to drink beer? Only one season!

Only one season?!  After this summer, it’s hard to think of anything else, but I’ll choose Winter.  Cold Cascadian Dark + Warm Fire = Contentment.

Why is Bellingham the greatest beer city in the world?

Bellingham is the greatest beer city due to several factors that are compounded when found together.  They are epic outdoor terrain, open-minded people, and brewery collaborations.  The camaraderie and openness I have received so far from our neighborhood, brewers, and people interested in our project has been unreal.  I moved back to Bellingham expecting such a culture, but those expectations have been exceeded consistently.

What made you want to open up a brewery and why did you choose Fairhaven?

I started brewing beer in my kitchen several years ago, from there the hobby grew in size and interest.  Tony and I are college friends from Western and we kept in touch after leaving Bellingham.  The Stones Throw concept was conceived by Tony while still in Bellingham in 2001 and we kept talking about it since.  Finally after years of talking we decided to get serious and do something about it.  I was in San Diego at the time and Tony was living in Malaysia, we had our first meeting while surfing in Indonesia and after much conversation Bellingham was chosen because it aligns well our dreams to brew beer and have an active outdoor lifestyle.  Bellingham is a great town and taking advantage of the outdoors is common knowledge here.  Simply put, we’re not just trying to start a kick-ass business, but live and tell a few stories along the way as well, and after graduating from Western, I knew Bellingham was more than just a great college town.  Now, I’m excited as ever, knowing our location was historically a brothel, insert a craft brewery and taproom adjacent to such an outdoor arena and you can understand we’re all going to have a lot of fun here.

Are you excited to be on The Tap Trail when you open? Why?

Tap Trail.  The #bhamtaptrail is perfect for this booming business because it’s going enhance the already awesome beer atmosphere in Bellingham.  And I have to mention that it has some of the best hosts that this city can offer, I can’t wait to see you in the taproom at Stones Throw -[censor alert] I’m going to stamp the shit out of your maps!