We’ve decided that the natural evolution of Tap Trail is audio! The written word is covered with this website. The visual world is covered with our biannual map and passport (the new map hits on 9/15!), so it’s time to put the audio world on blast.

We’ve been recording episodes over the last month and are excited to introduce you to some incredibly interesting people and stories in our local craft beer community.

Tapped In will be individually hosted by two different and talented individuals. First, Aaron Johnson hosts his own Podcast, Cascadian Beer Podcast, so go check that out. He’ll be the host for our first episode (see below.)

Our second host is Dave Morales, a local Beer-lebrity, who’s been involved in Bellingham’s beer scene for decades. He’s brewed at Boundary and is an accomplished homebrewer. He also started The Bottle Shoppe, Bellingham’s first craft beer…bottleshop. Both will bring their unique style, about once every two weeks.

Tapped In will be interviewing the people that make Bellingham’s craft beer scene tick and you’ll hear stories from those in the industry that you won’t hear anywhere else. You’ll be able to find all new episodes on our website, in our menu, on the sidebar and, of course, you’ll be able to subscribe.

Episode #001 – Boundary Bay Brewery, Ed Bennett and Janet Lightner

Our first episode is with Boundary Bay Brewery owner Ed Bennett and General Manager Janet Lightner. Get to know how Ed started the brewery, what inspired him and where they’re headed in the future.

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