A few weeks ago, the Bellingham Tourism Board asked us to come to their annual Taste of Tourism event at the Bellingham Ferry Terminal. We knew it would be a great opportunity for us to represent the Tap Trail and provide information about what we do to encourage tourism to Bellingham, and we were happy to be invited.

We didn’t expect that we’d have multiple people approaching us after the event to get more information and to congratulate us.

Yep. The wanted to congratulate us.

It turns out, we were invited to the event not only to rub elbows with other tourism motivated organizations. We were also being presented with the 2015 President’s Award. None of us expected it. It’s a great honor to receive this award and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved over the past 8 months. Here’s to another great year for tourism, the evolving brewery scene in Bellingham (the real heroes) and to all of our fans who have made our run so far a remarkable success and an amazing time.