How do you tell how much beer is left in your keg? Do you just open your kegerator, lift and guess? This company is proposing a brand new way to manage your homebrew with it’s innovative “KegSmarts.” It will tell you what’s in the keg, how much is left, manage your keg’s temperature and serving temperature and will text your friends when you put something new on tap.

With a KegSmarts™ kegerator you can:

  • Locate new craft beers for your kegerator
  • Host your own “BrewHouse” portal on the web
  • Set exact beer serving temperatures
  • See how many servings you have left
  • See brewer, brew-date, ingredients and other information
  • Read tasting notes
  • Read and write reviews
  • Even notify your friends when you put a new beer on tap

KegSmarts™ is an advanced microprocessor-controlled kegerator with a bright OLED display that makes information about your beer available anytime at your kegerator.

Right now it’s a Kickstarter campaign and they are well on their way to full funding. Based out of Seattle we can only hope they get this to market. I would say the display screen seems like it could use an upgrade. Where’s my AMOLED screen?!