In response to growing demand for its extensive line of award-winning ales and lagers, Kulshan Brewing Co. is excited to announce that it will be opening a second brewery on Kentucky Street in Bellingham in just a few weeks.

Affectionately nicknamed K2, the new brewery will feature a 30-barrel brewhouse (twice the size of the current James Street brewhouse), a brand-new canning line, a massive walk-in cooler, offices upstairs for the staff, and a spacious and seriously stylish tap room.

“We are very excited to be getting this new location off the ground,” says Kulshan founder David Vitt. “Once it’s completed, it will help us to keep up with local demand, as well as share our product with our neighbors in Seattle and beyond.”

Kulshan’s Kentucky Street facility will mainly produce the brewery’s flagship beers – including Bastard Kat IPA, Good Ol’ Boy Pale Ale and Red Cap Irish Red Ale – which will allow the James Street facility to create more seasonal, specialty and experimental beers. “That’s probably the most exciting thing for us,” Vitt says.

The Kulshan Krew hopes to have the new brewery open around the middle of May, which will only be about a month after the brewery celebrated its third anniversary.

In 2014, Kulshan produced about 3,100 barrels of beer. By the end of 2015, Kulshan expects to be at about 6,000 barrels, and it expects to brew about 12,000 barrels in 2016. (A beer barrel is a unit of measurement equivalent to 31 gallons.)

“Our new brewery and tap room is nothing short of breathtaking,” Vitt says. “We can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces when they see the full-scale production brewery in operation, coupled with the beautifully hand-crafted architecture in the tap room.”

About Kulshan Brewing Co.

Founded in 2012 by Bellingham native David Vitt, Kulshan Brewing Co. is one of the fastest-growing breweries in Whatcom County, highly regarded for making delicious and well-balanced ales and lagers. Just one year after opening, it doubled the size of its brewhouse to 15 barrels and added fermentation capacity in order to keep up with demand. Now, it is about to open a second brewery in Bellingham with a 30-barrel brewhouse. Kulshan has a strong following for its extensive line of award-winning beers, including Bastard Kat IPA, Red Cap Irish Red Ale, Transporter Porter, Good Ol’ Boy Pale Ale and much more, plus a host of seasonal, specialty and limited-release beers. Kulshan’s mission is to produce great beer sustainably, to maintain a fun and fulfilling work environment for its staff, and to give back to the local community. Learn more at