Kulshan Brewing is bringing beer to the seltzer-loving crowd with the launch of their fruited Apero series. Fruited, yet dry, these light and refreshing beverages are highly crushable, delightfully bubbly, and a whole lot of fun.

Drawing off the success of their first Apero released in early 2019, the brewing team has enjoyed experimenting with a variety of flavor combinations, with crowd favorite Blackberry earning a spot on the full-time tap list. On Monday, February 10th, Kulshan released Peach as the newest Apero flavor and will begin to roll out fresh flavors quarterly. You can look forward to Pineapple, Mango, and Grapefruit on draft and in cans in 2020.

Fermented with an enzyme that helps the yeast eat up residual sugars, this beer clocks in at 100 calories and only 4 carbs per can, making it the perfect companion for the health-conscious, or for beer lovers who occasionally want something on the lighter side. For those watching their gluten intake, this beer is brewed with a significant amount of rice making it naturally low in gluten, containing less than 20 parts per million (PPM), similar to Omission, Bud Lite, and Corona.

“It’s like a spiked seltzer, but better. It’s clean, crisp and refreshing with more pronounced fresh fruit characteristics,” said Wesley Finger, Head Brewer for Kulshan Brewing. “We decided to can it so everyone can enjoy this beer at home and on the go. It’s an everyday drinker and is certainly a staff favorite right now.”

Each new beer in the series will be a short run and available for a limited time in the Kulshan taprooms and in select stores around the North Sound. Be sure to follow Kulshan Brewing on social media to keep up with the release dates. Facebook @Kulshanbrewing, Instagram @kulshanbrewery, Twitter @kulshanbrewery


Founded in 2012 by Bellingham native David Vitt, they are one of the fastest-growing breweries in Whatcom County, highly regarded for making delicious and well-balanced ales and lagers. Just one year after opening, they doubled the size of the brewhouse to 15 barrels in order to keep up with demand. In 2015 they opened a second brewery in the Roosevelt neighborhood, affectionately named “K2,” in Bellingham with a 30-barrel brewhouse. They have a strong following for their extensive line of award-winning beers.