Firestone Walker, Full Sail, 10 Barrel, Founders and Elysian are some of the more notable craft brewery sales of the past 12 months. Some think these deals are just a part of business in a booming industry. Some believe it’s cutting to the core of the craft beer movement. Whatever it may be, it is happening. We’ve been speculating for months on who would sell next and Lagunitas has been thrown around for a while. Their solid brand, wide reach and dialed in brewery made them a prime candidate. This morning it was announced that Lagunitas will be partnering with Heineken, the world’s third largest brewer, on a 50/50 deal.

Heineken will acquire a 50 percent stake in Lagunitas in exchange for an undisclosed amount of cash and a structure that allows the fast-growing Petaluma brewer to utilize the Amsterdam-based company’s global production and distribution network, founder and owner Tony Magee said.

Lagunitas employs 730 people in Peteluma, California. Owner Tony Magee described the purchase as a “profound victory for Amerian craft.” The goal is to make Lagunitas a global brand.

“For us, we don’t need assistance here in the United States. But there is the whole world to think about,” said the 55-year-old Magee. “We can partner with one of the world’s greatest family-owned, really beer-centric companies to find our way into all of these markets globally.”