Maggies Pub

Maggie’s Pub in Ferndale is up for sale. Owner, Maggie Gamel reached out to me and let me know the news. Maggie’s is one of the newest additions to the Tap Trail and added to the growing number of craft beer bars popping up in Bellingham.

Since opening, Maggie’s provided us with an incredible beer selection and an impressive number of high quality brewers nights. Amongst many accolades, Maggie’s also employed well known craft beer legend Jim Parker for a time, who now works at Baerlic Brewing Company out of Portand. Maggie told me that she’s putting the beer bar up for sale because she’s preparing for another stage in her life

It’s time for the next chapter in my life. 5 years ago at this time I was signing paperwork to purchase Frank-n-Stein from Lloyd Zimmerman. I’m ready to pass the torch to the next owner. It’s been a lot of fun growing the business and the Maggie’s Pub brand and getting to know so many wonderful regulars. They truly feel like family to me.

I have a couple interested parties right now, but I want to put the opportunity out there for everyone to see. It’s a popular dream to someday own your own little Cheers, but most people never get the chance. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of the local craft beer community. Everyone in this industry has been so wonderful to work with. It has been very rewarding for me! It’s important to me to find the right owner(s) to take over, to ensure Ferndale always has the best selection of craft beers on tap.

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Interested in owning an amazing beer bar that reflects the best of what craft beer has to offer? Get a hold of Maggie! Head to their website. Email Maggie with inquires,
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Our interview with Maggie

Tap Trail: Maggie, tell us a bit about Maggie’s Pub. Where are you located and what makes it unique?

Maggie: Maggie’s pub is located in downtown Ferndale. I think every town needs a spot for craft beer and Maggie’s is just that. We have 10 rotating taps. I bring in a lot of different beers. Mostly from the West Coast. Oregon, CA, WA. It’s like a little Cheers. We have a lot of regulars.
It’s a good community place to meet new people. We have a sign  Enter as Strangers, leave as friends.

TT: What made you want to own a craft beer bar?

M: I’ve been working in restaurants for several years. I went to pastry arts college. I didn’t land in pastry after college, but ended up working at Little Cheerful and waited tables around town. I was looking for a job at the end of 2011, when I heard Lloyd Zimmerman was putting up Frank-en-Stein brewpub for sale – it used to be the smallest brewery in the US. This was well before garage-nanos. I bought it and I decided to change the name to Maggie’s Pub.

I fell in love with beer at one of the first April Brews Days and tried the variety they had. It just made me want to try more. It’s been fun having so many beers coming in and out of there.

TT: What have you enjoyed about owning Maggie’s Pub?

M: The thing I most enjoyed is the community. My customers are so much fun and seeing them on a regular basis. Also, I enjoy the beer ordering and building a beer menu.

TT: What type of owner are you looking for? Do you have anyone looking at it now?

M: I am looking for an owner that knows something about beer. I don’t want to leave Ferndale dry. I want to make sure they aren’t going to just pick one distributor and let that distributor pick the lineup for them.