There is beer gear everywhere attempting to make your craft drinking experience that much better (by the way, have you seen our gear?!) The folks at ManCan, think their growler is tops. The name is tacky. The product is not. This “manly” product apparently ignored 50% of their market and, in retrospect, teamed up with the Pink Boots Society, an organization dedicated to getting more women into the craft brewing industry, to produce a “Wo Man Can.”

According to their website:

At ManCan we are leading the charge and taking on imperfect packaging which destroys perfectly good beer.  And we are doing it with the ManCan.  The original 64oz stainless steel, keg-style vessel was built to be indestructible, hold CO2 pressure and protect beer from the damaging effects of light.  The result is better beer.

The larger ManCan128 holds the equivalent of nearly 11 bottles of beer (1 gallon).  With it’s CO2 regulator and tap system, it’s a delivery system for brewery fresh beer.   It’s a virtual brewery in your fridge, and it’s available exclusively on Kickstarter starting in May.

New School had a great write up on it and had this to say about the product.

Like other similar products, the ManCan is basically a growler that can be pressurized and can directly pour carbonated beer. What makes it stand out above other recent Kickstarter successes like the uKeg is its simple yet sturdy design, based off a classic stainless steel keg. These one gallon mini-kegs have no real moving parts to worry about cleaning and are designed to fit perfectly into a fridge. Only the pouring attachment has pieces like the C02 cartridge, regulator, and cobra tap that attach easily to the keg.

Aside from the stupid name and an inexplicable partnership with The Pink Boots Society to sell a limited edition version of “Wo ManCan” with pink “Wo” added, it seems like a solid and reasonably-priced product.