Nearly two years ago, Blue Moon was sued by a San Diego man because he claimed that the AB was misleading consumers into thinking it was “craft” when, in fact it was owned by the largest brewery in the world. The term “craft brewery” is defined by the Brewers Association as independent, small volume and using traditional brewing methods. That case backfired on the San Diego man. The court ruled that Blue Moon is craft beer.

Apparently, this issue is still hot for some because a man has now sued Walmart over its recent release of a beer line. According to the suit

Defendant’s craft beer has never been a ‘craft beer,’ nor has it been produced by a craft brewery. Rather, it is a wholesale fiction created by the defendant that was designed to deceive consumers into purchasing the craft beer at a higher, inflated price.

The lawsuit asks for an injunction that would end the company’s ability to advertise and label the beer as “craft.” Along with that, it asks for an undisclosed amount of punitive damages. I’m sure this individual has been unduly hurt as a result of Walmart’s beer. You can read the full suit here.

Have you tried their beer? What’s your take on it?