AB InBev has only ramped up it’s seemingly endless stream of buyouts. In the past few weeks they’ve bought out
Breckenridge Brewery and Four Peaks Brewery. It’s quiver of craft breweries is growing. Well, Lincoln’s Beard Brewery, out of Miami, has decided that it would turn the tables on the MegaBrewery and offer to buy them out…for $26,000. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this. Fort George Brewery offered to buy AB back in April. Obviously, neither of these offers have been met with counters.

Don’t let this stream of buyouts get you down. Craft beer is experiencing an unprecedented renaissance. We’re at an all time high of craft breweries in the US. We have more breweries (4,200+) in the US than at any time in our history.

There’s kinda a lot of you out there. Don’t look any further than our local craft beer scene for examples of the booming industry!
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