Apparently, there are many homebrewers out there that are more passionate about water than I realized. Shortly after posting an article about Beer Dust, I received quite a few PMs, tweets and emails from homebrewers both near and far.

Curiously, my article on water got more of a reaction than why the Reinheitsgebot doesn’t matter.

Some directed me to various water spreadsheets and calculators, such as Bru’n Water and Brewer’s Friend, which offer tools to help you modify your brewing water.

They seem great and all, but again, you need to have a solid understanding of chemistry – which I lack – to even wrap your mind around this stuff. I also do not consider chemistry fun, and the only reason I homebrew is because it’s fun.

Screen capture from Brewer's Friend's amazing calculator, but it's the sort of thing that makes my brain hurt.

Screen capture from Brewer’s Friend’s amazing calculator, but it’s the sort of thing that makes my brain hurt.

I was also made aware of a product (similar to Beer Dust) called ACCUmash, which is a patent-pending brewing-water additive. Here’s more about it:

ACCUmash™ alters your strike water profile to deliver the perfect pH and mineral/ion content for each batch. It’s as simple as stirring it into your mash right after the grain.

Based on the intended color, original gravity and flavor profile of your beer, a single ACCUmash™ packet ensures optimal sugar extraction, yeast performance and flavor balance. You’ll eliminate off-flavors and achieve your expected alcohol level, hop presence and body without the guesswork and hassle of water preparation. ACCUmash™ makes it effortless to brew the perfect beer, every time.

Sold through Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply, ACCUmash packets ($4.99 each) are highly customizable to the beer you plan to brew. Using drop-down menus, you choose among five different color options, from Golden (SRM 2-6) to Dark (SRM 28+); then you choose among four Original Gravities (from 1.040 to 1.080); and then you choose your profile (Hoppy, Balanced, or Malty). ACCUmash™ is designed for use with distilled or RO water in your mash (do not use with spring water or tap water).


I look forward to taking my homebrew to the next level with these products. And for any homebrewers out there, please keep the suggestions coming. But you might want to post them in the comments below; my email is full.