10991665_10153053233696308_6956819210538845270_oWell, it’s been an awesome 6 months since the inaugural Bellingham Tap Trail map launched! Honestly, the first map was an experiment. We knew Bellingham loved craft beer, but we weren’t sure you were ready for a beer map. You showed us you were!

Since then, BTT maps have been everywhere. People are coming from Seattle, Vancouver and Portland just to complete the Tap Trail. 10,000 maps in 6 months? Easy – Maps ran out a while ago. You crashed our website once and your thirst for beer is stronger than ever.

Our NEW map hits racks on March 1st. New Map, New Beer, New Trails, New Look, New Locations, New Prizes. All New. We’re helping out on a lot of great events this coming year and we’re doubling the number of maps to 20,000 because you’re just so thirsty! We’re working closely with all the new breweries that are coming your way and you can look to us for all your Bellingham Beer News.

You still have until April 1st to complete the current map. Why not finish that one AND grab the new one on 3/1? At BTT we like to say,

“If you’re drinking, you’re stamping.”

Passport Prizes

Do you have friends in town for the weekend and they just can’t complete the entire Passport, but still want a cool prize? We’ve made the Passport into a 2 tiered prize system. Drink at 8 locations and you get a BTT branded bike bottle opener.

bike bottleIf, over the 6 month period, you complete all 16 locations, you’ll be rewarded with our brand new grand prize, an official Bellingham Tap Trail SiliPint. These rubberized pints are sa’weet looking. Freeze ’em, squeeze ’em, drink from ’em. BUT, these are in limited supply Tap Trailers. If you want one, you have to finish early.


Did you complete the the last Bellingham Tap Trail Passport and win our customized mason jar? Finish the new spring map and you’ve started your BTT Mug and Prize Collection. Show your guests just how much you support your local breweries and the Bellingham Tap Trail. Send your adventures and pictures from the Tap Trail here!

New Locations

We’ve made this spring’s map more Bellingham-centric. It will be easier to complete the map AND we’ve added a few new locations. That means you can checkout the new Hops and Headz tap house and Kulshan Brewing’s new brewery, K2. Though you’ll probably have to wait a bit on the latter because they’ll open sometime in April.

2015 is Bellingham’s Year of Beer

We’re predicting 2015 will be “Bellingham’s Year of Beer.” This will be the year Bellingham showcases it’s craft beer prowess to more people around the region than ever. There’s some amazing things coming down the pipe Bellingham. We’ll have at least three new breweries hitting the Tap Trail this year, including K2. There’s rumblings of more breweries on the way as well.

We’ve got new partners and we’ll be apart of some pretty awesome events. Everything from Bellingham Beer Week to regional bike events. Lastly, we’ve got a surprise coming your way very soon – A new way to engage with the craft beer community and partake in the Tap Trail. Stay tuned!

Are you heading to your favorite brewery or tap house this week? Grab your BTT Map, finish your Passport and get ready for the next map. It’s a good one!