This new product hit kickstarter recently and promises to provide the ability to turn any cheap beer into a “…flavorful, well-balanced, craft beer.”
Apparently, all you need to do is add a couple drops of this miracle potion to any low priced beer brand and get a high-priced return.

Now you don’t need to hit the brewery to impress your friends! Just add a couple drops to a can of Milwaukee’s Best and you’re drinking the equivalent to a Kulshan Bastard Kat IPA or a gold medal winning Chuckanut Dunkel Lager!

But why stop there?

Imagine what could happen if you added a couple drops TO a gold medal winning Chuckanut Dunkel? Yeah. Super beer.
Here’s the official description from Kickstarter.

The goal of this project is to create an initial line of flavors that can dropped into any cheap beer to turn it into a flavorful, well balanced beer of your choice.

The flavors we have already began work on include a Cherry Wheat and an IPA flavor. We also have plans for a Sunny Citrus Ale, Orange Wit and possible a grapefruit beer.

There are limitless possibilities and we’ve had GREAT success with our initial recipes. However we need your help to perfect them and bring this great product to everyone!

We will use REAL hops in our products as well as natural and organic flavors whenever possible.

Who’s in?