You homebrew. You dream of one day owning your own brewery. Your dreams never come to fruition. Locally, home brewers might have a shot at getting their brew on tap at The Local’s new Annex. The Local will be starting up the Bellingham Beer Lab once they complete their expansion.

On a grander scale the folks over at Noble Brewer Beer have a business that allows home brewers to sell their suds nationally. Perhaps you’re unaware, but that taproom you have in your garage that sells your homebrew to the neighbors is illegal. Noble Brewer found a unique way around this little legal hurdle while getting precious feedback to the homebrewer and making them some money.

They take your recipe, find a professional brewer and they give you feedback on how good it is. The company then makes money by selling your home brew in their beer club to subscribers. According to their website:

We are the world’s best beerclub and our homebrewers are what make us different. They have dedicated years to their craft, and our goal is to showcase their pursuit and tell their story. To do that we share high quality, single-release beers inspired by our homebrewers’ very best recipes. You won’t find the beers at your favorite bar or bottle shop; in fact, you won’t find them anywhere else.

We believe that it’s about more than just drinking beer. It’s about creating a memorable experience with the best things in life: great craft beer, inspiring homebrewers, and friends and family. Become a member today!


We interview dozens of homebrewers to find the very best to feature in Noble Brewer. Once we’ve selected our homebrewers, we work with a professional brewery to produce our homebrewers’ award winning recipes. Then when the beer’s ready, we combine all our homebrewers’ beers into a single shipment and deliver to you!

All you need to do is sign for the shipment and share these exclusive beers with friends and family. Our website contains member-only content to allow you to learn more about the home brewer’s story, inspiration and professional dreams (aka what to expect when they open their own brewery).

With an active membership, you’ll receive beers inspired by outstanding homebrewers each quarter until you cancel.

According to owner Claude Burns,

“We look for award-winning home brews – people who have some objective measure of quality,” says Burns. “We also look for people who are analytical in their brewing and have good metrics so we can get it to scale.”

Home brewers get a “couple hundred dollars” for licensing their recipe, but retain all rights to it, adds Burns. To date, the company has sent out two quarterly shipments – each containing four 22-ounce bottles from home brewers. (Customers pay between $54 and $60 per shipment.)

Tasting cards are included with each shipment at present (which are shared with the brewers), but long term, the company hopes to create an online community of home brew fans – and ultimately wants to start a Kickstarter-like service, where the community chooses which beers are put into production.

So, are you interested in getting your homebrew brewed by professionals and sold for profit?