While Bellingham’s beer community is growing, so is our capacity to support more breweries. Our palettes are developing, as is our willingness to try new things. Each Bellingham beer location has something different to offer, which is part of the beauty of the Tap Trail passport. While it gives you an excuse to drink local beer, it also ensures that you try a variety of breweries and tap houses, as well as the dozens of styles of beer and cider offered around town.

Certain locations have become local staples, such as two of Bellingham’s oldest breweries, Chuckanut and Boundary Bay. In the last few years, new breweries have brought new ideas to the table and become local favorites. Finally within the last year, we’ve added a few new cider locations. The passport has developed into a 30-stamp tour de Bellingham booze for this winter, making it Tap Trail’s largest passport yet.

You could easily make a day of stopping by the locations making their passport debut this winter, or spread it out over the next few months (when really we know you’re going to cram 75% of your stops into the last couple weeks).

Here’s a quick guide to a few of the newest stops…

Goods Local Brews

Goods Local Brews began as a produce stand and transformed into a tap room this spring. It quickly became a local watering hole for the Columbia and Fountain neighborhoods, attracting families and solo beer drinkers alike. Goods is family-friendly and dog-friendly, and typically has a food truck (usually A Que Tacos, score.) every day but Sunday. The tap list is very Bellingham-centric. Usually, 9 out 10 taps are from breweries less than 10 minutes away, making this a great stop for Tap Trail-ers who want the full tasting experience in one place. The vibe at Goods is very relaxed, making it the perfect place to become a regular or a pleasant stop for those checking it out for the first time. It truly epitomizes Bellingham’s ability to kick back and enjoy a pint. Read more about Goods and how it began here.

What to get: Goods almost always has Kulshan’s Heliotrope IPA on draft. Owner Cory Bakker says it’s almost become their house beer.

Twin Sisters Brewing Company

Twin Sisters was long awaited by the Bellingham beer community. About a year before their July opening, whispers around town built up the hype around what would become an enormous two building restaurant (Bellingham Beer Garden) and brew house. Not only does Twin Sisters have a solid beer lineup (among house beers and guest taps alike) but a full bar and a creative food menu. Bellingham Beer Garden is kid-friendly and dog-friendly, and the Twin Sisters taproom is 21+, giving you options for family night in their park-like atmosphere or date night in the taproom. Twin Sisters has been delivering a variety of hoppy but simultaneously smooth and easy-drinking beers and has a wider variety of styles planned for the future. Read more about Twin Sisters here.

What to get: Summer Ale, before summer is over!

Herb’s Cider

The long-awaited cider room is still under renovation, but getting closer every day (Until they’re open, feel free to grab a stamp at another location)! Located on Bay Street, cider drinkers can enjoy the Single Stroke Semi-Dry Cider made by the Herbs team that’s been flying off the shelves in Bellingham. Soon to be releasing more ciders upon the opening of their cider room, Herbs is looking forward to being a part of the Bellingham craft beverage scene! Read more about Herb’s Cider here.

What to get: Single Stroke Semi-Dry

Firefly Lounge

If you were to make a day of our new map locations, end your night here at The Firefly Lounge. Everyone was bummed to hear about the end of The Green Frog and their monumental deck and grilled cheeses, but The Firefly saved the day. With periodic brewers nights and a rotating tap list, as well as the same funk and bluegrass shows that the Frog offered, the Firefly is doing a phenomenal job at integrating into the community and becoming a local staple. So far, The Firefly Lounge has done brewers nights with Illuminati and Left Hand Brewing. Check out their tap list and enjoy the epic deck space while the warm weather lasts!

What to get: $3 pints on Soul Nights!