FB_IMG_1448043628192North Fork Brewing Company is the eccentric aunt you love and are always excited to see. Head Brewer Eric Jorgenson brews up some of the funkiest Bretts and most dynamic sours in the region.

Well, your favorite eccentric aunt is at it again. North Fork has released Electric Berryland Raspberry Sour in a limited edition 750ml bottles, corked and caged. I reached out to Eric for some stats. He was kind enough to give me details while brewing up North Fork’s next batch of Pale Ale.

“It’s a blend of two sour barrel aged base beers (blonde, red) in red zin

[fandel] barrels. Blended into another red barrel, on 2lbs per gallon of Whatcom grown raspberries. Fermented out and aged again for 4 more months.

Then bottle conditioned from October 6th till now. 7% ABV. Very tart, very red, very bubbly….

Pairs nicely with the butthole surfers on the stereo if your pinkys out!

The bottles are only available at the brewery up Highway 542. Don’t wait for the next snow day up at Baker to grab one of these. If you want one, the “limited” title should tell you how fast you should get there. They are $20 each and they started out with only 12 cases. Electric Berryland Raspberry Sour went on sale Wednesday, two days ago. They will also have t-shirts emblazoned with the Electric Berryland logo for sale soon!